Maskrippers Hall of Fame 2.0

– Updated: September 29, 2021 –

On this site you will find my personal favorites of all time! The ones you MUST see if you love masked women!

With a link to the material that is already on the blog!

This page will be updated on a regular basis!

Feel free to give your own opinion on these entries by leaving a comment! (with a comment)!

The entry number doesn’t indicate any ranking, it’s just in chronological order!

The fact that the movie or TV show is here doesn’t say anything about the quality of the movie or TV show itself.

Entry 1:

Birds of Prey (TV series) – for episode 8 “Lady Shiva”

>>>>>>>> LINK <<<<<<<<


Batgirl faces Lady Shiva!


Entry 2:

Black Scorpion (TV series)

>>>>>>>> LINK <<<<<<<<


Hero cop during the day – masked vigilante at night….well normally


Entry 3:

Queen of Swords (TV series)

>>>>>>>> LINK <<<<<<<<


the female version of Zorro – much more interesting!


Entry 4:

Arrow (TV series)

>>>>>>>> LINK <<<<<<<<


the Canary – only one of MANY masked women this show


Entry 5:

Batman Returns

>>>>>>>> LINK <<<<<<<<


who could say No to her?


Entry 6:

“Kularb Gror Petch” aka “Revive to kill” (TV series)

>>>>>>>> LINK <<<<<<<<

…one of the 4(!) masked women of the team


Entry 7:

Batman and Robin

>>>>>>>> LINK <<<<<<<<

…these lucky bastards around her


Entry 8:

Batwoman (TV series)

>>>>>>>> LINK <<<<<<<<

Waited a loooong time for a superhero show like this….


Entry 9:

Stargirl (TV series)

>>>>>>>> LINK <<<<<<<<

Three masked girls on one poster…. 🙂


Entry 10:

Black Scorpion (1st movie)

>>>>>>>> LINK <<<<<<<<

She could convince me to become a criminal….


Entry 11:

Catwoman (for only one scene)

>>>>>>>> LINK <<<<<<<<

I still get scared by this poster…..


Entry 12:

The Dark Knight Rises

>>>>>>>> LINK <<<<<<<<

The best poster for the movie


Entry 13:

Batman (TV show) for season 3

>>>>>>>> LINK <<<<<<<<

The first Batgirl on TV!


Entry 14:

Touch and go

>>>>>>>> LINK <<<<<<<<

DVD Cover – A gang of female thieves! 6 women in wetsuits and masks rob a hotel. 🙂


Entry 15:


>>>>>>>> LINK <<<<<<<<


9 thoughts on “Maskrippers Hall of Fame 2.0”

    • There were only 2 unmaskings (incl. the impostor) but the attempted unmaskings were very sexy. They count for me too. A good unmasking attempt is thrilling.

  1. Yeah, besides these 3, I couldn’t think of any other series that have good production value that include a masked woman.

    • You are right if you mean a masked woman in the main role, but there is a series which several masked women in supporting roles and a very good production value…. 😉
      I will add that one the next days!

    • With the boom in superhero media you would think someone would have some tv series about a masked heroine. I’m still hoping Marvel gives us an Arana or Spider-Woman series or something.

      • Yeah, my hope is that with the Wonder Woman movie and (perhaps?) a black Widow movie the producers get mor courage to produce a series with a female lead. Don’t know what I would do if there would be a Batgirl or Catwoman series…. Oh man, one of the greatest days that would be. 😉

        *EDIT*: Oh I forgot the Supergirl series! Another step in the right direction!


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