Maskrippers Hall of Fame

– Updated: February 4th, 2020 –

On this site you will find my personal favorites of all time! The ones you MUST see if you love masked women!

With a rating and a link to the material that can be found on the blog!

It will be updated on a regular basis, starting today!

Feel free to give your own rating for one entry yourself (with a comment)!

A movie or TV-series will make it to my hall of fame if it reaches 80 points in total or the maximum points (or more) in at least one category.


Movies/TV series/web series


1. Black Scorpion (84)

2. Arrow (82)

3. Birds of Prey (80) —-  AND Queen of Swords (80)

5. Batman Returns (65)

“Mask action” (Top 3) – up to 30 points

1. Black Scorpion (26)

2. Queen of Swords (25)

3. Birds of Prey (19)

Story (Top 3) – up to 25 points

1. Arrow (32) – BONUS

2. Queen of Swords (21)

3. Black Scorpion (19)

Mask (Top 3) – up to 15 points

1. Black Scorpion (13)

2. Birds of Prey (12)

3. Arrow AND Batman Returns (11)

Rest of the costume (Top 3) – up to 15 points

1. Birds of Prey (20) BONUS

2. Batman Returns (18) BONUS

3. Black Scorpion (14)

Actress(es) (Top 3) – up to 15 points

1. Queen of Swords (14)

2. Black Scorpion (12)

3. Birds of Prey AND Arrow (11)


Entry 1:

Birds of Prey (TV series)

>>>>>>>> LINK <<<<<<<<



Entry 2:

Black Scorpion (TV series)

>>>>>>>> LINK <<<<<<<<




Entry 3:

Queen of Swords (TV series)

>>>>>>>> LINK <<<<<<<<




Entry 4:

Arrow (TV series)

>>>>>>>> LINK <<<<<<<<


(many more masked women show up in the series)


Entry 5:

Batman Returns

>>>>>>>> LINK <<<<<<<<



Rating info:

The “overall” rating is the addition of my 5 categories:

“Mask action” – up to 30 points (unmasking scenes, unmasking attempts, mask related peril etc.)

Story – up to 25 points (incl. action, fights, story, thrill?)

Mask – up to 15 points (material, shape, “resistance factor”)

Rest of the costume – up to 15 points (material and shape from neck to feet)

Actress(es) – up to 15 points (talent, look)

100 points can be reached! Bonus points (max 5) for greatness will be given if appropriate!


9 thoughts on “Maskrippers Hall of Fame”

    • There were only 2 unmaskings (incl. the impostor) but the attempted unmaskings were very sexy. They count for me too. A good unmasking attempt is thrilling.

  1. Yeah, besides these 3, I couldn’t think of any other series that have good production value that include a masked woman.

    • You are right if you mean a masked woman in the main role, but there is a series which several masked women in supporting roles and a very good production value…. 😉
      I will add that one the next days!

    • With the boom in superhero media you would think someone would have some tv series about a masked heroine. I’m still hoping Marvel gives us an Arana or Spider-Woman series or something.

      • Yeah, my hope is that with the Wonder Woman movie and (perhaps?) a black Widow movie the producers get mor courage to produce a series with a female lead. Don’t know what I would do if there would be a Batgirl or Catwoman series…. Oh man, one of the greatest days that would be. 😉

        *EDIT*: Oh I forgot the Supergirl series! Another step in the right direction!


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