Female masked thief gets caught!

In this video we have a female thief with a full face mask who just sneaks out of a mansion. (Well, I don’t know what happened in there)

But some folks seems to know that she would be there. And our little thief has to escape with her secret identity intact. Will she make it?

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And here is the video, see the masked thief in action:

I will try to get more info on the video.

Batgirl unmasked…again?!

In the past we had some good “unmasking action”-scenes regarding my top heroine Batgirl. In Batgirl 26 Barbara unmasked herself before her father.

In  The Movement 09 we got the hope of seeing Batgirl unmasked in “The Movement” 10 (still in the future).  And now I found this future Batgirl cover:


Here you can see the cover in full size AND the smashing description that fuels my excitement :

LINK: Batgirl unmasked…again?! – The cover + description

Very promising stuff!! But nearly 3 months until it will be published….NOOO!

Your opinion?

Some stuff from nice followers of this blog… (extra post)

Hey folks, in the last days I received two nice and interesting mails. Thanks a lot! And I wanna share some of the content with you. One member mailed me some links to some fine “mask-related” pictures. Thanks “Damask Dan”! Some of these pictures will show up in future posts, so that everyone can see them 🙂

And the other mail was about a trailer for an upcoming EP. How this trailer fits in here? Well, to be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure myself. But, I guess it should be interesting for most of you. It’s about Harley Quinn. To be precise….about  a very “evil” version of her. But, see for yourself:

For more info check out this website

I like the dark, sadistic version of her. An interesting variation…

Would love to see more of it 😉

And thanks for all the mails from you folks in the past!

Interesting material is always welcome 😉

A heroine in danger! – A self-made Video

After I saw a brilliant scene in a comic two days ago, I thought about making a little video out of it. Nothing big, but for just a two-hour work I’m quite happy with it. So, as a little appetizer ….just this picture:


That could get interesting, or? 😉

Who is it about, what happened?

Here is my little self-made Video:

What happens after that picture? Well, I don’t know yet, but we will find out in about a month.

I am very curious what will happen! I will post it here, don’t worry….  😉

But what a great promise this picture holds 🙂 Oh man, that could be a milestone….

[Don’t read any further, if you haven’t seen the video by now – SPOILERS ahead!]

[Don’t read any further, if you haven’t seen the video by now – SPOILERS ahead!]

[Don’t read any further, if you haven’t seen the video by now – SPOILERS ahead!]

Actually I don’t expect, that they manage to (fully)  unmask her, but even the attempt would be so great! Imagine one of them grabbing her mask, toying with it, stretching it, ripping it….

And finally some bad “guys”  thinking about unmasking her….and blackmailing her with her secret identity. FINALLY!

In my opinion, no one never thought of that before (regarding Batgirl)

And this wasn’t everything, if you want to see more, I got some pictures of the story before the picture I used in the video:


And here are the pictures:

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And now…. your opinion? 😉

Masked female pirate (full face mask) unmasks herself in her lair

I got one last scene of the pirate movie for you. A small scene shows our masked female pirate in her lair.

She unmasks herself…. not knowing that someone is watching her closely!

(click to enlarge)

Here is the video with the described scene:

I would have loved a scene in the movie where someone tries to unmask her and she fights back, that would have been really great 😉

*UPDATE July 2022*

Check out the entry in the Hall of Fame that I made for this one:


Batgirl chased by the police! – Part 2 – (fan art)

And now, the conclusion of the great fan-made story! The police hunted down Batgirl, what will happen to her? Well, check it out….


And here are all 9 pictures:

vc 10 by mannameded-d721vwt
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Your opinion?

Here is a link to the guy who comissioned it: