3 women in gas masks rob a bank!

Thanks to the nice guy who recommended me this TV episode!

In this one, we have 3 female bank robbers in gas masks(!) as they rob a bank 🙂


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

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Ok, well…. that sounded (much) better on paper… in my opinion.

First, the scene is very short.

Then you have verrrrry unfitting girl-pop music and weird slow-motion in it! WHYYYYY??????!!!???

Two really horrific choices 🙁

But…. on the good side, you have 3 women in gas masks (and a dude) who rob a bank! Great scenario 🙂

Certainly, this scene would also fit my Frogwoman.org blog as the gas masks are not only to keep their identity a secret but also they are needed as a breathing device against

the tear gas.

Also, I like the quick costume change (also much too quick) where they change from menacing bank robbers in gas masks to innocent women in seconds.

They are perfectly disguised with these jumpsuits and Kevlar vests. #goodjob

All in all…. this scene could have been much better with such a great scenario! Imagine a security guard or a cop grabbing for one of those gas masks!

Trying to unmask them in order to use the gas mask for himself/herself and thereby exposing that unmasked face to witnesses and/or cameras….

Sadly, they don’t appear again in those outfits later on in the episode.

Side note: Baywatch beauty Yasmine Bleeth is also in the episode… and she made it into some videos on my other blog.

Here is the IMDB page of the TV episode:


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All the Spider-girls scenes from Madame Web

Remember my euphoric, hopeful post about this movie from early February?


Well, some days before I wanted to go to the cinema I read the first reviews about it…. and they were… quite… bad!

One aspect especially annoyed me to read: The extremely limited screen time of the women in their costumes.

I decided not to watch the movie in the cinema back then.

By now I have watched the movie… and yeah… it is indeed disappointing, and the marketing before it was misleading… at best.

But more on that later…

I edited all the scenes with the women in costume and mask in one video!


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

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Yeah… that is it. A little over one minute… a real shame! 🙁

As I had seen the promo pictures with the women in costume… I really feel cheated and betrayed.

And the worst part: Both scenes with them, aren’t happening in the movie for “real”.

The first scene is a nightmare that the bad guy always has (well, I would love to have such “nightmares” ;-)) and the second mini scene is a vision from Madame Web.

So, we have a pretty boring movie with little interesting action and barely any screen time at all with the masked ladies.

And not surprisingly the movie flopped big time… what a missed opportunity …once again.

3 more scriptwriters that should be thrown into the movie dungeon for such a horrific job.

Plus the folks who greenlighted it.

Even with the bad critics, I watched the movie for 2 reasons:

Spider-ladies … and… Sydney Sweeney

But everything else… isn’t interesting or well done, so… I certainly won’t watch the movie a second time.

I could write a lot more about this movie… but well… I already spent enough time on it.


Damn, I really hope that there will be a good movie or TV show with a masked woman in the lead role… soon.

The last years offered verrrry little in that regard.

Here is the IMDB page of the movie:


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A masked female burglar wants to get some goods from a safe

So, time for another scene with a masked woman!

In this case, we have a masked female burglar who wants some stuff from a safe.

Will she get what she wants and get away from the guards?



(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

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Watch the video before you continue!

Well, I guess that may be the most unfitting mask I have ever seen on a woman 😆

Looks like she needs a size S or M but choose a XXXXL mask for her heist.

Maybe it was a practical thing for the filming to not “ruin” her hair and/or have a very easy unmasking?

Or maybe she as a burglar chooses it to even disguise her better.

Anyhow, seems like that mask just could have been blown off by a slight breeze.

Not a very sexy mask, but surely an effective disguise.

I don’t get why she takes off that mask in the room with the safe, as it is risky… even if it is a closed space.

Maybe it was the old “we must present her pretty face as often as possible” trope from the producers…

But at least she quickly re-masks as the alarm goes off.

A shame the guards weren’t even able to find her… so, as often… no fight scene with the masked woman 🙁

I wish these guards in most movies would be a little more competent…

That is the only scene with her in a mask in the movie.

Wanna know from which movie this is?


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Meanwhile on my other blog…

For some time now, I have created videos for my other blog frogwoman.org.

Today I wanna make a post here, as a certain video is relevant to this blog as well!

In this video, a certain female thief wants to retrieve some stolen diamonds.

But a greedy female Cop wants to get her hands on them too!

And a female vigilante wants to catch the thief….

So, you have Catwoman and Batgirl in an underwater fight!

How about some pictures?

A trailer:

The music in the trailer is from “Batman Returns”.

(There is music in the video as well, but only in the intro and outro)

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Much more info on the video can be found here:


And to be perfectly honest:

There are no secret identity aspects in that video, no unmasking or such things.

But if you like masked women in rubber wetsuits who wrestle underwater…. then you will enjoy the video 😉

Do you wanna watch the whole video?

Well, you could join the VIP club on Frogwoman.org, but that probably wouldn’t make much sense for you as the other videos there don’t contain masked women 😉

Unless you count a scuba mask as a mask (in terms of a disguise).


So, right here on the blog, you get an alternative method to get the video:

You need a PayPal account and/or a credit card.

Send 4 Euro with PayPal to


… and you will receive an email with a link to watch/download the video (around 700 MB/1080p).

Please let me know that you want “Video 32”.

I will send it to your PayPal address …unless you provide an alternative to that.


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Maskripper VIP Club: April 2024

New month, new content for the VIP Club here on Maskripper!

>>>>> I updated the VIP-Club with new material! <<<<<


1 full high-quality video with 2 parts … has been uploaded for this month!

In the video, Catwoman (Jim Balent style) plays with a female Robin (eye mask).

Great performances, especially by the Catwoman 🙂

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Catwoman – the masked scuba thief [PREVIEW VERSION]

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+ The rising star and her dark secret (no preview available)

(A rising star enjoys having anonymous latex sex until one guy gets…..curious to see who is under that mask and catsuit ;-))

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