Masks Off! #27 – Two unmaskings and a Spider-girl

For today I have two scenes with Spider-girl! Two scenes where her mask is involved…. 😉


Of course that isn’t everything, the “critical” are included here….5 pages:

Two great scenes! Why? I love the dialogues about her fear to lose her secret identity, great stuff!


What an amazing…. Catwoman!

Today’s video is very short, only 18 seconds to be honest. But I guarantee: This is one hell of a Catwoman home video!

(click to enlarge)

And here it is….. Catwoman in front of her mirror:

That outfit is really hot! And I love the mask!

It hides her identity very well and is attached to the suit… Well, that could be a great unmasking 😉

Shame that the video isn’t longer and that we can’t see her legs in full, but it’s one of the best catwoman costumes in my opinion!

Bad Woman VS Catman (aka the weirdest “Superhero” movie…)

Hey folks, for today I have another video. This time a very weird one…

Be happy if you don’t speak german, so you can’t understand the spoken madness of the video, the video is insane enough 😉


(click to enlarge)

So, here it is the video:

So, why did I show you that video?

Because of “Bad Woman”, I love the Batman mask on her. A mask that actually hides the identity and could be used for great unmasking scenes 😉

(hard to get it off)

*And thanks to NS for finding it!