Asian Catwoman….trapped! #4

The story continues….our catwoman is trapped and the villainess has special plans for her.


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And here is the video for your entertainment:


*EDIT* It was removed from youtube…now you can download it under that link.


Huntress hunted….by the police!

Before the video will be continued it’s time for another great fan-comic! Huntress is chased by the police, so she is forced to fight them…. πŸ˜‰

And I show you the whole comic! 20 pages!


And here you go, can Huntress escape the police and defend her secret identity? Check it out, 20 pages:

hunted 01 by mannameded-d82gyoc


Great stuff!

And if you see the last page you may recognize the link to another story of the same creative mind… (you will see a link on the pictures)

The other story (with batgirl can be found here:

LINK: Batgirl chased by the police #1

LINK: Batgirl chased by the police #2

Asian Catwoman….trapped! #2+3

Seems like you wanna know how the story will continue…. πŸ˜‰

Well, our little catwoman is now trapped! And it’s gonna get sticky….. and the evil masked villainess will take advantage of her….situation. I edited two parts for you folks, so check them out:

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And here is part 2:


(had to be removed from youtube – now you can download it from share-online)






And as a bonus I got part 3 right too….

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Part 3:


(had to be removed from youtube)

Well, that messy glue thing isn’t exactly my stuff but that catwoman is so sexy…..

Asian Catwoman….trapped! #1

Today I wanna present you a very interesting version of a Catwoman! She wears a full face spandex mask, only the eyes are visible….(by the way: I love that mask!).

In this first part I edited together…. you will have 4 scenes with her. Including a fight scene and a scene where she puts on her great, sexy Catwoman outfit πŸ™‚

Some pictures for starters:

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And here is the sexy video:


(had to be removed from youtube – now for download on share-online)


What a great outfit! Especially the mask is great…. hides a lot, sexy material, hard to pull off. A+

If you like the video let me know, I have much more from that movie.... πŸ˜‰

(And of course I can’t tell you the name of the movie….for now)

Batgirl Cosplay # 10

For a (to) long time I hadn’t show you folks great cosplay pics from my (our?) favorite masked heroine…so here are some (new!) great pics from a cosplayer that I already featured on the site: “Knightess-Rouge”.

All in all 7 pics….:


And I included one with her….. unmasked!

If you wanna see more of her, check out her page, where you can find much more….

LINK: Knightess-Rouge

I love that Batgirl Costume, it’s my favorite (black & yellow) and the mask is great. πŸ™‚