A villainess …hidden in bandages

Thanks a lot for this recommendation!

This one is certainly a bit unusual… as I read about it at first I wasn’t thrilled, but then I watched the scene … and yeah, it’s pretty great!


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

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Well, that is a great reveal of a villainess! And it’s no other than Gina Gershon (“Bound”)!

The music fits perfectly and Gershon plays it really well as she surprises her former protege who is now a media star.

I will watch the full episode the next days so I don’t know the full backstory… yet.

Looking forward to how the villainess gets caught in the end.

But it clearly seems that Vanessa (Gina Gershon) has some major issues with the famous doctor 😉

It’s quite a brutal kill, even it isn’t shown fully.

And we get a second unmasking as the victim …whose face is surprisingly intact… gets unmasked as well!

Yeah, these bandages aren’t a sexy mask… especially as you expect to see something … more or less…. gross when they come off.

But they provide a great disguise for sure.

Here is the IMDB page of the episode:


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3 women in gas masks rob a bank!

Thanks to the nice guy who recommended me this TV episode!

In this one, we have 3 female bank robbers in gas masks(!) as they rob a bank 🙂


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

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Ok, well…. that sounded (much) better on paper… in my opinion.

First, the scene is very short.

Then you have verrrrry unfitting girl-pop music and weird slow-motion in it! WHYYYYY??????!!!???

Two really horrific choices 🙁

But…. on the good side, you have 3 women in gas masks (and a dude) who rob a bank! Great scenario 🙂

Certainly, this scene would also fit my Frogwoman.org blog as the gas masks are not only to keep their identity a secret but also they are needed as a breathing device against

the tear gas.

Also, I like the quick costume change (also much too quick) where they change from menacing bank robbers in gas masks to innocent women in seconds.

They are perfectly disguised with these jumpsuits and Kevlar vests. #goodjob

All in all…. this scene could have been much better with such a great scenario! Imagine a security guard or a cop grabbing for one of those gas masks!

Trying to unmask them in order to use the gas mask for himself/herself and thereby exposing that unmasked face to witnesses and/or cameras….

Sadly, they don’t appear again in those outfits later on in the episode.

Side note: Baywatch beauty Yasmine Bleeth is also in the episode… and she made it into some videos on my other blog.

Here is the IMDB page of the TV episode:


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A guy catches a masked female thief at his home!

Thanks to the nice guy who recommended me this one!

Here we have a totally normal situation…

You sit on your bed, reading, as you hear noises and investigate.

You catch a masked female burglar all in black leather with a nylon mask in your home!

Yeah, that happens once or twice a week for me too… 😉


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Yeah, I had to stop the video there… as YouTube would have had a problem with the following scene 😉

Ok, maybe that hasn’t happened to me …. at least not yet… 🙁

But certainly, this is a great fantasy setting! Damn, I wouldn’t “mind” if such a burglar would show up at my place!

Ok, as much as I love to see nylon on women’s legs, I am not the biggest fan of masks made out of nylon.

They make a rather ugly face and they aren’t very effective as well.

And that hat is good in terms of making her a bit less “suspicious” while she is outside his home… but yeah, not very stylish or sexy.

It’s cool that he immediately goes for her mask to see the exposed face of the burglar, even she could have put up at least a little struggle.

But at least she doesn’t unmask herself 🙂

I don’t really know the backstory behind this, but it seems that the movie is just a loose bunch of episodic scenes.

All in all a good scene with a great fantasy coming to life!

Wanna know from which movie this is?


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The ultimate TV villainess ….whose name you don’t even know!

There won’t be a post tomorrow, since I am on a video shoot for my other blog Frogwoman.org.

But I wanted to make …at least… a quick post today:

Ever heard of Lee Sung Hi?

Well, I guess many of you recognize her when you see her face, but I bet nearly no one knows her name here… that has to change!

Yesterday I reached episode 20 as I am re-watching the whole Queen of Swords series.

I saw her in the episode and immediately thought that she looked very familiar….

That is Lee Sung Hi’s character after she battled the Queen of Swords and united with her against Colonel Montoya.

And yeah, Lee Sung Hi is also:

Lady Shiva from Birds of Prey!

The one who unmasks Batgirl, whose mask gets blasted off (?) early in the episode and unmasks herself at the end of the episode.

I checked her IMDB profile… and there is even another interesting appearance….

She also is…

… the braindead Gangsta Pranksta sidekick Giggles in Black Scorpion!

Queen of Swords, Black Scorpion, and that Birds of Prey episode with Batgirl are among my few ultimate TV highlights with masked women.

And until yesterday… I didn’t know that Lee Sung Hi was a villainess in ALL 3 shows! Even it was just for one episode in each of these shows…

(and she was tricked in Queen of Swords and not evil at the end)

So, she fought the Queen of Swords, Batgirl, and Black Scorpion! (not a challenge at all in that one).



She didn’t have a big acting career but damn… some interesting appearances for sure!

The Queen of Swords and an imposter – Post 2 – The imposter VS the real one! + Colonel Montoya and his naughty fantasy

2 weeks ago I made my first post about this special episode:


Today it’s time that the Queen of Swords and her imposter finally meet!

Plus there is a very interesting short scene where Colonel Montoya reveals that he has a very special (sex) fantasy!


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

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What is better than one masked woman? Two masked women battling each other! 😉

The scene is pretty short but I love to see two masked women fighting against each other!

I guess in my version they would try to unmask each other to demonstrate who is superior… but this isn’t their last “meeting”.

I added the scene with the Captain and the Colonel as Tessa was in danger of getting caught at the house of Captain Grisham.

The danger of her being caught while spying in her civilian role… also very thrilling!

I also added a third short scene with the imposter and Colonel Montoya.

He caught her early on in the episode and can now basically blackmail her into doing anything for him.

And what does he do? He wants to have sex with her… and she can’t say no to that if she doesn’t wanna end up in prison!

And also, he puts her mask onto her face before the bed action can start!

That is verrrrry interesting!

Clearly, he has a special fantasy! He knows that she is just an imposter and not the real Queen of Swords.

But… he has some fantasies and she has to play the part….

He clearly has been fantasizing about doing that with the real Queen of Swords as well 😉

More Queens of Swords in the Hall of Fame:


Wanna know from which episode this is?


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A villainous couple in their full face mask disguises [FFMTISE]

Ok, in the past I posted practically no scenes with unmasking where a woman is wearing a “full-face mask to impersonate someone else” aka a FFMTISE (my newly created short form 😉 )

Time to change that!

I wanna start with a rather new scene from 2022 that most of you won’t know… I guess.

In this one, we have a villainous couple and their special disguises.


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

Quite odd how her haircut slightly changes between the two scenes even though all that is happening on the same day 😆

Ok, first of all, I love it when a woman impersonates another (attractive) woman with such a mask.

In the first movie of this movie series, she was impersonating a very old woman, which I don’t find very interesting… unless someone would figure it out and try to unmask her.

Yeah, it’s only a self-unmasking in front of someone who already knows who is behind the mask.

Also, the CGI effects of the unmasking(s) are really bad.

Yeah, this isn’t a Hollywood movie with a big budget like Mission Impossible where you have such unmaskings quite often.

Such masks aren’t easy to make but it is doable …even without a big budget.

The lazy and cheap CGI solution looks really bad and ruins the unmasking to a certain degree (for me) 🙁

Ok, I guess many “normal” folks without an unmasking fetish won’t care much when 😆

Primarily I am a little disappointed how little these new movies with Diabolik are doing with secret identities.

I mean he is a criminal who is wearing a latex mask(!) during his heists and she becomes his accomplice in the first movie.

So, I hoped that she would put on a latex mask herself… but no luck (so far).

Another hope I have is that someone will figure out that something is wrong when she is wearing such a FFMTISE.

The person then would reach for her mask, damaging it, thereby verifying that it is actually a mask and not a real face.

And then they would struggle and the person would try everything to fully unmask her!

I would love to see that one day…

Wanna know the name of the movie?


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Two masked women and an embassy [Blog exclusive]

I was away last Sunday and will be away next Sunday also… so, you get a new post today!

In this one, we have two hot masked women and an embassy!


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:


(the video wasn’t welcome on YouTube as well…. really annoying lately)

Well, the movie is only available in Turkish, so haven’t watched it fully and don’t have a big clue on what is going on exactly.

Ok, there are some German sentences and these I do understand (no surprise) but those don’t help much.

But the scenes with the two masked women are really nice and I also like that we get to see both unmaskings as well, even if it’s only self-unmaskings.

Not a big fan of that net structure part on that Balaclava mask… looks weird.

The other woman has some tactical outfit of the German police… rare to see that on a woman, especially in an international movie/TV show.

Interesting that they all seem to be on the same team, so it looks like they can all escape.

On the other hand, it would have been nice to have the masked “villainess” to fight the masked police woman #unmaskingbattle 😉

You can find the whole movie (or TV episode?) on YouTube (for now).

No more masked women in it, as far as I know.

Search for:

Teşkilat 41 Bölüm

A Merry Christmas to all of you!

Or whatever you do or don’t celebrate… have a good time 🙂

I will make one more post before the year is over.

Three masked women on a shootout/heist [Blog exclusive]

I saw the poster for this TV show and immediately knew that this show would be interesting…. 🙂

So I watched the entire season and wasn’t disappointed!

The show centers around one crazy bank heist which is shown in flashbacks in several episodes.

I guess I could make multiple posts about this one, but I rather just concentrate on the most interesting scene, in terms of masks.


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:


(wasn’t welcome on YouTube at all, even an extra short version with under 2 minutes)

Let’s start with the bad aspects:

There is no unmasking action or any secret identity issues in this scene and the entire show. 🙁

But… on the good side:

You have three hot women in masks… and that in a quite lengthy heist! Some day I have to re-edit the whole heist scene from all the episodes into one video.

Which will be quite difficult with all the time jumps…

Plus the masks are very interesting with that unusual look! They offer quite a good disguise.

It’s a shame that there were so many guards in that heist… but it’s just a massive shootout. Pretty cool, but only in regard to stylish action scenes.

In my version, I would have included some hand-to-hand combat scenes with guards who are curious to see who is under these masks 😉

All in all, I like the whole season, as is a good thriller show with interesting characters.

I will re-watch this one in some years.

I don’t think there will be a second season, as the storyline is “finished”, but I wouldn’t mind a second season… with some more masked women of course 😉

Wanna know the episode and title of the TV show?


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A villainess in a balaclava mask and a ambulance heist [Blog exclusive]

I have heard that this show has some masked women in it… thanks for the recommendation!

In this scene, a woman in a balaclava mask steals an ambulance to kidnap someone….


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:


(wasn’t welcome on Youtube at all)

Yeah, sadly very little screen time for our masked woman and she then just gets away.

Also, the very fast editing doesn’t help….

However, I always enjoy scenes like this a lot! A masked villainess in an action scene…. love it!

I always hope that she gets into a hand-to-hand fight with the cops who would then try everything to dramatically unmask her… but that happens very rarely… sadly.

But I enjoy every second with such a masked woman nonetheless.

Wanna know the episode and title of the TV show?


(other sources say it’s ep 13 of season 16… so the name of the episode is the important info)

What do you think about this scene?

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A masked female killer wants to get revenge

This one was recommended quite a while ago, thanks again for that!

In this one, we have a masked female killer who wants to kill…


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

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Not the coolest mask, but a good disguise…as long no one touches it… #notsecuredatall

I like that the victim reaches behind her and unmasks the attacker, even though I guess that wasn’t her intention.

But it’s always nice to have an unmasking, especially if it’s not a self-unmasking 🙂

Ok, the revealed killer isn’t exactly as hot as you would have wanted… but it’s a nice scene all in all.

Wanna know the episode and title of the TV show?


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Masked “Supergirl” from Indonesia gets UNMASKED by villainess!

Time for another post with the masked “Supergirl” from Indonesia!

Again she battles a masked villainess in front of a guy they both love…. and this time Supergirl gets unmasked!


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

Again: That stunt double of the villainess! So… bad! The stunt double should wear a huge sign that says “stunt double”… it is SOOOO obvious 😆

But enough of that…

You can barely see that the villainess has something in her hand as it she pulls it back from Supergirl’s face.

The unmasking itself isn’t shown… 🙁

I like that Supergirl’s hair is hiding her identity here and she is somehow shocked by that unmasking.

Oddly enough the villainess then kicks Supergirl in the back…. wasn’t she standing in front of her?

Supergirl is knocked out, the perfect opportunity for the villainess to take a good look at that unmasked face!

But she just runs away with the guy…. ARGHHH! WHY?

Perhaps the explanation is given in the dialogue… I can only guess.

However, it’s really great how she realizes that her mask isn’t there anymore as she wakes up 🙂

Also, her relieved face as she re-masks herself is well done!

All in all it’s a good scene with some flaws in my opinion.

Again, it’s a shame that there are no subtitles (or a dub).

P.S.: I really hate the damn imp, or whatever that thing is!

He sadly shows up very often in this show…

Black Scorpion VS Aerobicide and her henchwomen [masked villainess]

This week I wanna present 2 scenes from a certain Black Scorpion episode.

In that episode, Black Scorpion has to fight a masked villainess called Aerobicide, a former aerobics instructor…

…. who is turned into an evil cyborg that loves to kill her victims by forcing them to overexercise…. (yeah…. really….)



(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

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Yeah, a classic “Black Scorpion gets knocked out by villain(ess) who then just leaves” scene for starters.

And actually… that is the second time that happens in that episode!

At the very beginning of the episode, she also gets knocked out by Aerobicide who then flees.

Nice touch though that the henchwomen actually wanna finish her off in this scene but Aerobicide decides against it.

Also really cool that Darcy and Aerobicde aka Suzy know each other. And Suzy wants to finish off Darcy as well….

It’s great that Black Scorpion then unmasks Suzy, even if the unmasking shot is way too short for my taste.

Really cool that here Black Scorpion unmasks a villainess, even though she knew already who Aerobicide really is.

Suzy didn’t find out about Black Scorpion’s secret identity though even though she fought both Darcy and Black Scorpion.

But ok… she is an “exercise machine” and not soooo clever.

Wanna know the movie title?


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Want more Black Scorpion?

Check it out here on the blog:


Two masked robbers, 4 “friends”, and a priceless necklace

This one was recommended to me a while ago, but I shamefully forgot about checking out the movie.

Now I finally did, and damn…. it was worth it!

I watched the whole thing to get the full context.


(click to enlarge)

Here are the videos:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Watch the videos before you continue!

I edited the whole sequence into two parts so it had a better chance of getting onto YouTube.

It was still restricted… but only in one country, and only about 1% of the watchers of the YouTube videos (on my channel) are from this country so I think it’s ok.

I saw Tania Raymonde as she was still a girl on “Malcolm in the Middle” for the first time and then later I started to get a little crush on her.

And now she has a post on both of my blogs… but more on that later on.

The masks are really nice, hiding their identities perfectly.

It’s a shame that she didn’t get unmasked by someone else… but we have 2 self-unmaskings and quite a lot of screentime of her in that mask. 🙂

And to know that Tania Raymonde is under that mask… oh boy!

In my version she would have tussled with a guy on that bed… and he would claw into her mask, she would fight back and then he would finally manage to tear her mask wide open… unmasking her. 😉

Also, a nice bonus that Lili Simmons is in this one! Banshee is one of my favorite TV shows and she is in it.

Sadly this movie isn’t available at all on Blu-ray (or DVD) in Germany (so far). I only found a British DVD version of it.

Hopefully, that will change, but as the movie is already 6 years old… I somehow doubt it.


Wanna see more of Tania Raymonde? Check out this post on my other blog:


Wanna know the movie title?


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Two masked female killers in the Neighborhood

Thanks to the nice guy who recommended me this one!

We have a movie with two masked female killers… sound good? Well….


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

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Watch the video before you continue!

Yeah, not the most interesting/attractive victim, but she was the first victim of the two crazy women.

I edited some seconds (#impaling) to (hopefully) prevent this video from getting an age restriction.

Apparently, there are two villainesses in the movie, and they are both in a mask at some time but not at the same time.

There is only one unmasking in the movie and that is shown here in the video.

The mask is quite creepy with the stitched mouth and all, and it adds to the perfect disguise.

The self-unmasking is pretty nice with slow motion and her crazy look, a good reveal!

There are more murders in the movie, but from what I have seen the masked killers aren’t really shown there, and if… only for a few seconds.

Of course, I would have preferred a dramatic unmasking by the heroine of the story… but no luck here.

Wanna know the movie title?


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A masked female assassin VS a woman with a bow [Blog exclusive]

Thanks a lot to the nice anonymous guy without an email address who recommended this one!

In this video, which I edited out of 2 TV episodes, we have a masked female assassin and her target who isn’t defenseless at all.


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:


(the video was blocked on Youtube immediately)

Watch the video before you continue!

These scenes are from 2 episodes and I made a special cut to re-arrange the scenes in the “correct” order (timely-wise).

The scene where the assassin is hit by the arrow is just told in a flashback in the second episode.

The scene where the guy sees her driving by and unmasking herself is the first episode.

I cut out about one second at the beginning where she puts on her mask… to keep her identity secret until she unmasks herself.

All in all a very nice scene! She looks great in her mask and I wish there would be more assassins like her… in the movies at least 😉

The unmasking isn’t so great as she unmasks herself and the camera isn’t very close to that.

Of course, I would include a close combat fight with someone who would try to overpower and unmask her… but well, no luck here.

A shame that she ended up like that…. would have been great if she had survived and would then be out for revenge later on in the episode.

Wanna know from which TV show this is?


(episodes 9 and 10 of that season)

What do you think of these scenes?

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