TV show with 3 seasons with 39 episodes

Favorite episodes: 6,13 (season 1)

Story (season 1):

Teenager Courtney Whitmore joins the Justice Society of America. Based on the character from DC Comics.



…doesn’t have one

After I waited nearly 20 years for a TV show with a masked woman as the lead character Stargirl debuted just one day(!) after the last episode of Batwoman’s first season was aired.
Stargirl’s first season started at DC Universe and on the CW as well.
Stargirl is very different from Batwoman. Stargirl is a teenager, the show has a lot of fantasy elements and a much brighter atmosphere in general. Stargirl is placed in Blue Valley, Nebraska. A rather small town (seemingly) without any crime. The stellar opposite of Gotham.
I prefer the setting in the Batwoman show.
But I must say the Stargirl show quickly grew on me as there are three masked girls/women in the superhero team. And I really love Wildcat’s massive rubber cowl! A very rare thing to see a woman with such a cowl that disguises her very well.
Even though there are some dark elements Stargirl has a lot of comedy moments that fit the general atmosphere.
After season 1 spends a lot of time introducing all the characters I am looking forward to season 2 and hopefully more action and secret identity issues.




Maskrippers opinion:

Mask action

(practically nothing)

Well, there is a lot of room for improvement in this department. A LOT!

Stargirl has some secret identity issues but none are related to an unmasking. I don’t think we see any unmasking at all in the whole season, not even self-unmaskings.

I remember Wildcat putting on her cowl for the first time, but that’s about it.



A lot of character introductions during season 1. Well, it was needed as all the team members needed to be introduced.

Even some of the villains got episodes with scenes where their background was shown in long back flashes.

The general story is interesting and the villains have quite a lot of screentime as well


The category that pushed this show into my Hall of Fame!

Stargirl’s mask is ok, it’s basically an oversized eye mask that covers her forehead as well (half-mask).

But my favorite is the Wildcats rubber cowl! Would love to see an unmasking with that.

Especially as it not only hides her secret identity…it also is the source of her power!

I hope that someday a villain at least tries to unmask her….

Dr. Mid-nites cowl is nice as well, but the teenager behind it is rather …annoying.

Rest of the costumes 

Stargirl’s costume is….a fitting one for a teenager. Basically shorts with a top.

Wildcat’s tight catsuit is quite sexy and fitting.
Again, Wildcat steals the spotlight from the lead character of the show. 😉



The actors who are all at least in their 20s do a good job of portraying these teenagers.



Stargirl on Maskripper


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