Spider-Gwen gets unmasked by a dinosaur (!?!) [Masks off! #48]

Time to post about this scene that is from last year.

In this one, we have several women in costumes/masks who are battling some sort of dinosaur skeleton…

Here are the images:

(click on the image to enlarge it to full size)

Ok, first of all…. I am really NOT a fan of those “fancy” costumes/masks that are powered by technology or magic and just show up or disappear like that.

Really uncool…. I rather prefer “normal” cloth for masks as they have to be “manually” removed then.

What I do like here is that her mask is slowly disintegrating and is revealing more and more of her face! Quite a sexy transformation in this case.

Especially the big panel where her left eye is showing and her blonde hair is popping out of the mask 🙂

And I do LOVE mask damage and it looks as if her mask was just ripped open….

Sadly this whole unmasking is just the side-effect and the monster doesn’t care about her secret identity.

But… all in all a good scene!

The pages are from the comic:

Spider-Gwen – Gwenverse 02

My TOP 25 scenes from the Black Scorpion TV show!

I created this video last year for the annual “October to Remember” event on the “Behind the Mask” forum.

It’s time that the video now gets available for visitors here and on my YouTube channel as well!

Here is the original text from my forum post then:

I worked on this over a couple of hours, skipped through the whole season, made notes, and rated scenes.
Then I cut every scene to around 30 seconds or so.
I edited all of that together and added some pictures, lettering, and some score.

So what did I make?
Quite a long video with my TOP 25 scenes of the Black Scorpion show.
My initial idea was to make a TOP 22… because of 22 episodes… but well…. 25 sounds cooler.
I could have made a TOP 50 with good scenes as well… but I think this video took long enough.
I will upload this one to my blog in December… but for the next … at least … 5 weeks this is an exclusive video for this site (unlisted on Youtube).
Between the TOP 10 scenes, you will see official Black Scorpion promo pictures.

So, take your time (15 minutes) and I hope you enjoy it!
….perhaps you might even wanna make a game out of it in terms of guessing which scenes will be in the TOP 10 or so….
…. the first scene will begin after 15 seconds….

Here is the video:


You will find the rank of the scene in my ranking and info from which episode it is in the line at the bottom.

Some scenes were edited to make them a little more compact… so that the video wouldn’t get too long.

I thought about putting headlines into the video like “Black Scorpion gets unmasked by Flashpoint” … but that would spoil it… for those few who don’t know these scenes.

Any scenes that you think are missing from that TOP 25?

Feel free to give some feedback here or on YouTube with a comment!


Feel welcome to check out the Black Scorpion page in the Hall of Fame

A woman disguised as a female arms dealer [FFMTISE]

One more “full-face mask to impersonate someone else” aka a FFMTISE (my newly created short-form 😉 ) for this week!

In this one, we have a woman disguising herself as a villainous (female) arms dealer to fool some folks!


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

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I could have made the scene longer, but I wanted the video really short so it could be posted on YouTube.

Don’t think they allow (much) longer vids from that movie there..


Yeah, it is just a self-unmasking and they “cheated” with the camera moving behind her head like that.

I guess that way she could just wear a very simple, plain face mask on her head.

But nevertheless, it’s still a nice reveal when she yanks that face and wig off her head.

The real villainess just walked in a little too late… otherwise, they most probably would have unmasked her…  #timing

Wanna know the name of the movie?


What do you think about this scene?

Leave your comment here or on YouTube!

A villainous couple in their full face mask disguises [FFMTISE]

Ok, in the past I posted practically no scenes with unmasking where a woman is wearing a “full-face mask to impersonate someone else” aka a FFMTISE (my newly created short form 😉 )

Time to change that!

I wanna start with a rather new scene from 2022 that most of you won’t know… I guess.

In this one, we have a villainous couple and their special disguises.


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

Quite odd how her haircut slightly changes between the two scenes even though all that is happening on the same day 😆

Ok, first of all, I love it when a woman impersonates another (attractive) woman with such a mask.

In the first movie of this movie series, she was impersonating a very old woman, which I don’t find very interesting… unless someone would figure it out and try to unmask her.

Yeah, it’s only a self-unmasking in front of someone who already knows who is behind the mask.

Also, the CGI effects of the unmasking(s) are really bad.

Yeah, this isn’t a Hollywood movie with a big budget like Mission Impossible where you have such unmaskings quite often.

Such masks aren’t easy to make but it is doable …even without a big budget.

The lazy and cheap CGI solution looks really bad and ruins the unmasking to a certain degree (for me) 🙁

Ok, I guess many “normal” folks without an unmasking fetish won’t care much when 😆

Primarily I am a little disappointed how little these new movies with Diabolik are doing with secret identities.

I mean he is a criminal who is wearing a latex mask(!) during his heists and she becomes his accomplice in the first movie.

So, I hoped that she would put on a latex mask herself… but no luck (so far).

Another hope I have is that someone will figure out that something is wrong when she is wearing such a FFMTISE.

The person then would reach for her mask, damaging it, thereby verifying that it is actually a mask and not a real face.

And then they would struggle and the person would try everything to fully unmask her!

I would love to see that one day…

Wanna know the name of the movie?


What do you think about this scene?

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