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Hey folks, I’m Siggi and this website is dedicated to the masked women of this planet; to the glorious superheroines, the sneaky burglars and to the naughty villainesses of movies, tv-series, cosplay, fan art and comics. I try to post new stuff on a regular basis to fill the pages with sexy, new material. I am new to the whole “make your own blog”-thingy so be patient with me πŸ˜‰

And if you find some spelling/grammar errors…well, I’m no native english speaker, I will try my best.


So, why this blog? Well, I love the look of a masked woman. The mystery of her secret Identity that she hides with her mask…

On this site I wanna share stuff that I collected over all the years of scouring the net.


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You are a webmaster? Or do you have your own blog? Feel free to link my page on your site! I will do the same if your content is somehow related to my blog (if you have a literature blog for example…it wouldn’t fit so well)


Questions? Or do you a nice (mask related) link? Well…fill this one out!

*Please don’t contact me if you work for a company that has anything to do with internet marketing, website development or something like that. I’m not interested in your offer!*

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