Touch and Go

Movie, 1980

93 minutes



A gang of masked female thieves robs a big remote hotel on an island.



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I can’t remember fully how I stumbled on this one, but damn, I am really glad I did!

I love many ideas the scriptwriter and costume department had for this one.

To have a gang of female thieves is already a good thing. To have them wears these different masks is also a good idea. But to have them make that robbery in that island in sexy black, smoothskin wetsuits…..that is GREAT! Perhaps someone there had a little fetish for something 😉

And on top of that is the short, but awesome scene as two guys sneak upon one of the robbers.

Some images:

(click to enlarge)

Maskrippers opinion:

Mask action

One short, but awesome scene! Two guys sneak up on the boss thief and a fight breaks lose. They try to UNMASK her!

Such a great scene….


A fun heist movie. Rather lighthearted and fun with some comedy elements.


Their modified scuba masks aren’t exactly “sexy”, but they disguise their faces really well.

Rest of the costume

6 ladies in such sexy wetsuits is quite something! I certainly wouldn’t mind being robbed by them…. 😉


Rather unknown actresses since this is an Australian movie, but they do a good job.




Masked, female burglars in wetsuits! [Hall of Fame] [quality Upgrade]

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