Batman (TV show)

TV-show with 120 episodes from 1966-1968

In the Hall of Fame for season 3 which featured Batgirl!


Story (season 1):

The Caped Crusader and his young ward battle evildoers in Gotham City.



…not relevant here since it is animatic


As a kid, I watched the Batman show for quite some time in the early morning on weekends. I enjoyed the funny adventures of Batman and Robin in this bizarre TV show.
In season 3 there was a big change. Batgirl joined the team as the creators wanted a heroine for the female audience to look up for.
Sadly it was also the last season of the show. But these last 26 episodes were something special!
Catwoman was already an interesting character in the earlier season, but now Batgirl was in and appeared in every episode in season 3.
As a kid her appearance was interesting, but of course, I didn’t notice the whole sexiness of her role back then.
Nowadays that has naturally changed. Practically in every episode, she gets ends up in some sort of weird and crazy trap of some sort.
And that surely influenced a lot of viewers to a certain degree.
Of course, she could always escape at the last minute and sadly no villain cared about her secret identity. 🙁
But I really enjoy how she was able to keep her secret identity intact even in front of Batman and Robin for quite some time. Only Alfred finds out her secret immediately.
Nowadays I don’t care much about seasons 1 and 2 as only the episodes with Catwoman are mildly interesting.
Season 3 is nowadays even more interesting than it was when I watched it as a kid.
Seeing Yvonne Craig in that costume and mask getting into perilous situations all the time….is pretty enjoyable.
Even I’m not the biggest fan of that costume.
But more about that down below.




Maskrippers opinion:

Mask action

(practically nothing)

Sadly, the villains aren’t interested in unmasking Batgirl. And Batman and Robin are not really motivated to find out who is hiding underneath her cowl.

We never see how she actually puts the mask on or unmasks herself…if I remember right.


The storylines are insane and as an adult, you can only think that it is comedy. A very odd comedy.

What is really interesting is how often Batgirl gets into peril! She gets tied up quite often and ends up in some crazy traps all the time.

These perilous situations are great to bring up some sexy fantasies! 😉

Many fetish videos with Batgirl are heavily influenced by this TV show….


I don’t like the color and the material, but it covers her identity well enough! So often I was hoping that someone would unmask her at some point and reveal the librarian Barbara Gordon underneath…..

Rest of the costumes 

The costumes is very….fitting to Yvonne’s body, but again, I don’t like the material and the color. Batgirl’s costume has to be black (or at least blue). Point! 😉


Yvonne Craig does a really good job as Barbara and Batgirl! She plays the roles well and her secret identity is sometimes in danger as she can’t be both at the same time 😉



….nothing yet.

Stay tuned for posts about the show!


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