Cat burglar sneaks in a party!

What does this mysterious masked woman wants in that mansion? Well, it gets pretty obvious pretty fast…..great scene!

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And here can see the whole self-edited video, more than 7 minutes! Enjoy!

Great stuff! And a very hot burglar…. 😉

EDIT: There’s a 2nd scene! Here you go:

The Cat Burglar strikes again!

And check the links section for two new links for promising (mask related) Kickstarter projects!

Including a movie where our favorite cat would have a part… 😉


The Catwoman that was attacked…. (2nd scene)

….has another scene. It’s from a different perspective that will add some important facts. You will be surprised!

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And here is the scene, you don’t wanna miss that… 😉



A great addition to the previous scene, which can be seen here:

LINK: Catwoman meets female Batman…and gets attacked!

Your ideas and thoughts on the scene?

Catwoman meets female Batman……and gets attacked! (HD)

Today I have a very special clip for you! Catwoman meets Batman….but a a female version of Batman. (I LOVE that costume/mask on a woman).

Catwoman moves on to a long tunnel where someone approaches her…

(and one of the these two gets unmasked 😉 )

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But enough words, here is the video:

All in all a really special video for me! Nice costumes and a surprising end!

Now to you, post your comments!


A 2nd scene with the Catwoman can be seen here:


Masked Female Crime Fighter – The unmasking

And now, for the last post to this movie…I present you the highlight….the unmasking! Our heroine is unconscious and the cop who was after her found her…

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And here you can see the action:

And here is the title to this movie:


Your idea to these clips?

Queen of Swords – wounded and cornered… (2)

…and now the 2nd part of my little clip. After the Queen of Swords was blackmailed to surrender herself, she must now find a way to get away with her mask still on!

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And here is the video where you can find all the answers:

If you wanna see the 1st part…check below or click on the “Queen of Swords” category tag.

Masked Female Crime Fighter – Long fight scene

In this video our masked heroine enters a warehouse, where the evil boss and his henchmen (and one henchwoman) are waiting to beat the crap out of her…

Can she make it? Will she get out with her secret identity intact?

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And here you can see all the action with our masked lady:

Strange setting, but a very nice fight scene…