Masks off! #26 – Batgirl and her….. copycat!

So, christmas break is over….I have something for you. In this issue, Batgirl has a copycat, that wants to be THE Batgirl.

Both are very curious who’s under the others mask…. 😉


I have 9 pages for you…check out who will win the unmasking fight

Even I don’t like the new Batgirl design, this issue was good, great “mask talk” and more….


Here is the issue with the whole story:

LINK: Batgirl

Asian catwoman…..trapped! #5

And now the final part of our little catwoman in the trap (The highlight 😉 ).

The evil villainess wants to see the face under that MASK!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:


Hope you enjoyed the little “movie-series”….

Catwoman Cosplay #9 – TDKR Catwoman

Hey folks, it’s way too long since I presented some great catwoman pics…


In total I have 12 pictures incl 2 where she wears a different outfit and no mask… 😉

(click to enlarge)

That’s the great work of cosplayer Staceyleeh, you can find her page here (LINK)

Well, as I may said before, I don’t like that mask, but the rest of the outfit is really awesome 🙂