No season 4…. the end for the CW Batwoman TV show

I woke up today, took a glance at my phone, and read the sad news:

There won’t be a 4th season for the Batwoman TV show!

Here is the post of Caroline Dries who announced it:

Well, I’m very sad about it, but not as devastated as I should/could be.

That sentence might not make much sense at first …but I will explain it later.

This will become a rather long post, but I need to write a lot right now.

During seasons 1 and 2 we got news of early renewals for another season.

During season 3 there was no such news, which already took a further impact on how much I enjoyed the episodes in the 2nd half of the season.

Then there was the news that the CW is for sale, which was rather bad than good news for the show in my opinion.

Hard to say if the show would have gotten a new season without that sale…. maybe we get info about that in the next weeks.

Then other shows like Flash or “Superman & Lois” got renewed… but still no news on Batwoman and other CW shows like Legends of Tomorrow.

To be honest, I thought the chances that the show got another season were less than 50% and I tried to convince myself of that.

Why? Because I was preparing myself for the day the bad news would pop up. In this way, I wanted to soften the impact of the news on me.

Well, I must say…it worked, even I always did hope that the show would at least get a final season 4 to wrap up the show like other CW shows like Arrow and Supergirl.

I mean the seasons were already cut down from 20 (season 1) to 18 (season 2) to 13 (season 3) episodes even I think Covid and resulting schedule problems played a big part in that.

A final fourth season with 10-13 episodes would have been the proper ending to the show.

But now, the show just ends without a proper ending, without a final season, which is very disappointing.

Legends of Tomorrow also don’t get a final season by the way. But I don’t care very much about that as I stopped watching during season 6.

In addition that I anticipated the bad news, I must admit that my enthusiasm for this show slowly declined over the last seasons.

I mean from the start I was a HUGE fan of the show and did my best to push the show. I bought magazines with Batwoman on the cover, bought posters, mugs, figurines, a countdown clock, the Blu-ray sets, and created a season 1 memory card game. I created a special mixed drink that I drank at the beginning of every episode. I wrote posts on this blog, and spend endless hours writing reviews here.

I defended the show against all those trolls on “social” media which was a very energy-draining thing, especially in season 1, as didn’t know how to handle it in a good way.

I always tried to spread good vibes.

But from the start, the show always had its problems. The first trailer was VERY bad for the reputation of the show and activated all these hateful cellar troll-creatures.

In retrospect, it was a bad decision to choose Ruby Rose as Batwoman.

She is too small for the role, not muscular enough, and well…. not really a good actress.

I know I defended her prior to and during season 1, but my view changed as she is seemingly quite a diva with some issues.

I think it almost killed the show after season 1 as she was fired from the show and I am angry about it.

I guess we will never get the full truth, but I think she wasn’t the right one to handle such a lead job on a TV show.

Then the decision was made to replace Kate Kane with Ryan Wilder. Surely that generated new fans as well, but I think that this decision had a bad impact on the ratings in the end, even though it is very difficult to compare numbers from older years with new ones.

Many hardcore Batwoman comic fans and hardcore Kate Kane fans were lost as an audience.

The show always focused a lot on “representation”. I mean you had a lesbian as the lead character of a superhero show, that was totally new and provoking for …certain “people”.

In seasons 2 and 3 they even increased that focus. Now it was “even” a newly created lesbian lead character of color.

That was a quite courageous decision that challenged the trolls even more.

Don’t get me wrong, I think representation is very important and the show had a great influence on that, I also think it changed things for the better.

But I think that it shouldn’t be the primary focus of a superhero TV show.

More or less this show was ….mainly…. about representation, drama, and relationships.

Yes, it also had superhero elements, action scenes, and thriller elements, but not as the main focus.

And I do think that was a mistake.


My main interests in this show were always the aspect of having a masked woman as the lead character of the show, having great action scenes in it, and having thrilling storylines in it.

Most of the storylines were good/entertaining for me, but the show had too few action scenes in it, maybe because of the budget.

In season 1 we had some nice secret identity issues that are always very interesting for me. There was a nice forced self unmasking and a great “close call” as a thug pulled on Batwoman’s wig.

Season 2 had only little secret identity issues and I was already annoyed with how folks always told the next bad guy how Batwoman is.

Season 3 had even fewer secret identity issues and practically no interesting scenes in that aspect. Very disappointing.

I mean, I’m already very thrilled to even see a masked character like Batwoman on-screen….don’t get me wrong.

I would even watch an episode where she would keep watching paint dry for 40 minutes as long she is in costume and cowl 😉

The new afro wig was also a negative aspect for me from season 2 on. Rather unsexy.

Even I have to say that Javicia filled out the costume much better than Ruby did. The suit got sexier and Javicia is shaped and trained much better than Ruby.

Before the show, I had big hopes for great unmasking scenes, unmasking attempts, and secret identity issues.

In that regard, the show did disappoint me more and more …over the years.

I mean, 51 episodes were made in total… and how many villains tried to find out who Batwoman is by trying to unmask her (by trying to remove the cowl)?

Well…. 0(!!!!). Again… in 51 episodes! Quite frustrating for me.

Yeah, the show had some very interesting scenes…as I mentioned….but way too little in total.

And, as mentioned there were too few action scenes in this show. In a superhero TV show, I want to see MORE of that!

Even I know they are hard to make and do cost serious money. More money as having the characters chat about their feelings in length.

Ok, that was a little harsh and exaggerated, but I’m frustrated right now….


Don’t get me wrong… I am very thankful that this show exists!

Yeah, it did cause me a lot of “work”, a lot of trouble, and time (reviews, posting, fighting trolls) …but it GAVE me a LOT in return as well!

This post is already long enough and so I need to come to an end, even though there is much more to say.


THANKS to everyone involved in this show! I am very thankful for all the work you folks put into the show!

I waited a LONG time to have another TV show centered on a masked female character as there are so few.

I hope that there will be another Batwoman TV show in the future. Maybe another company can make one with a different focus and more money involved.

I read rumors about HBO Max planning to remake/reboot certain Arrowverse shows, but don’t know if that might happen or not.


As I mentioned, Legends of Tomorrow is also not getting a new season…which means the Arrowverse is basically dead by now.

The Flash is now the last show of the old Arrowverse and there are rumors that the new season 9 will be the last one.

Sadly the decline of the CW superhero shows isn’t a new thing.

I mean Supergirl was getting worse and worse after season 4.

The last time I was really excited about the Flash was in season 5 or 6… I guess.

I stopped watching Legend of Tomorrow in season 6.

Arrow was getting worse after season 4 for me, even it still was entertaining enough.

Black Lightning was ok until it ended after season 4.

“Superman and Lois” and Stargirl are still there, will be interesting to see how long they will run.


In the meantime, there are luckily other TV shows with masked women on the horizon.

Season 3 of Stargirl will be aired this summer.

“Knights of Gotham” will hopefully get a season order after they are filming the pilot right now.

Also, the CW will have a show with a female Zorro in the near future. (#Queen of Swords reloaded?)

Later on this day I will make my special Batwoman drink and pause a moment to remember these 3 seasons…

THANKS to everyone involved, it was a fun ride while it lasted!

2 masked women in a fine fantasy movie

A quick post for today.

I’m rather low on material right now but this movie has 2 nice scenes with masked women.

Thanks to the nice guy who mentioned it some time ago!


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

Yeah, as (nearly) always….there are some negative aspects in here as well.

It’s a very dark scene and I had to edit the first two screenshots so you would see anything.

The masked fighter is always moving and you never get a really good look at her.

Also, I don’t even know why she is wearing that mask in the first place. It’s the only scene with her wearing it and it’s never even fully explained why she does it.

But seemingly she wants everyone to think that she is dead.

I do like how Jessica Chastain’s face is revealed, even is was done very quickly.

I do like her as an actress and I think she is also very attractive so that is a plus point!


I added the 2nd scene with Emily Blunt just as a little bonus as she only puts the mask on, and the mask isn’t even there to disguise her identity.

All in all a very good movie with some bonus scenes for those who like to see masked women 😉

Wanna know the title of the movie?


Feel welcome to leave your comment!

Easter weekend

Hey folks, just a quick note:

I will be away for the next few days, so there will be no post on Sunday.

Thereby I won’t be near my PC which means that it might take longer than usual to reply to emails and so on.

But once or twice a day I will have time to reply to them.

Happy easter days!

3 cat burglars from Japan – Part 1 (of 3)

This one has a special history.

I do have a DVD (with a bad german dub) of this for quite a long time.

This movie has a LOT of minutes with sexy masked cat burglars and I was rather sure that I posted one scene in the early days of the blog around 2014/2015.

Seems that I was mistaken.

Lately, it was recommended to me again (thanks a lot!), so I finally re-watched the whole movie after a long time and checked the blog for the post I thought was there…

I thought about how I would present this movie here as there are so many minutes with the masked cat burglars.

I decided that I wanna post the 3 main scenes with them. These are the most interesting and I will make 3 posts with 3 videos.

This movie has quite some flaws, but there are some good scenes in it….and the costumes are quite sexy! 🙂

I will make an entry for my Hall of Fame for this movie in the next weeks.



(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Watch the video before you continue!

I tried to not get the video too long as the chances get bigger that it then gets blocked….

I cut very little before that scene, nothing of interest. After the scene in the video, we have a chase with the police, but to no surprise, they get away. Only the transportation that they finally get away with is…. very surprising.

Sadly, there is only DVD quality available. Would love to see these costumes in full HD one day!


Now to the scene itself:

I really like the idea that one of them fools the cops by dressing up as the superior of the detective.

It’s also good that the detective figures out that he was fooled. It’s very thrilling that he tries to unmask her and she can foil his first attempt, even she thereby fully confirms that there is a woman under the mask with her high-pitched screech.

She really is in big trouble with that many cops around her!

The unmasking itself is done rather badly as there is only a split-second where we can see how her mask starts to come off. Most of the unmasking is ruined by the cut.

In my version, he would rip open the mask and would expose her face underneath more and more by doing it.

The final reveal of her is done nicely. Her face is fully exposed and even a light is shining on it.

Luckily for her, her teammate finally intervenes (a little late) and knocks the light out.

Really bizarre and funny how she jumps up and ALL her “police chief” clothes are basically falling off her immediately and she lands in her sexy catsuit 😆

I wonder why she wasn’t wearing any mask under all that disguise. She was seemingly very sure that she would get away with her impersonation.

It’s cool how the cops surround her and trap her with these shields. Without her teammate, she would have been finished.

She moves around a lot, but I guess you can say that the cops did get a good look at her face.

But in the end, they escape with their camouflaged “Catmobile”. And there suddenly cat burglar number 3 pops up.

I checked it, but I honestly don’t know where she was before… was she just waiting in the car? Quite odd…

And why does the one who stole the painting now suddenly is wearing her 2 part mask as soon she is in the car?

Now to the costumes:

They all three are wearing slightly different catsuits, which you will see better in the next scene.

These catsuits are really sexy and I like the combo here with the (incomplete) catear-cowl in combination with a mask that covers the lower face.

A great disguise and very stylish…in my opinion.

Such a masquerade certainly provides a chance for a great unmasking…. 😉

They are wearing different disguises throughout the movie, but more on that in later posts.

Before this movie, an animated TV show was done in the ’80s.

A show with 73 episodes! So, I checked a lot of pictures to see what costumes and masks were used there.

And to my (bad) surprise I didn’t find a single picture with a mask, at least not an obvious one.

So, I guess they run around without masks the whole time while stealing stuff and getting chased by the cops? That would be really stupid.

Perhaps they are wearing wigs and full-face disguises (like in this scene where she impersonated a male cop).

I will watch some episodes when I get the chance.

However, a great shame, as there is a very short animated intro of the movie where they are actually wearing the catsuits from the movie.

An animated show with that many episodes and catsuits and masks would have been so great….

Does anyone know the animated TV show and can tell us something about it?

Is it good?

Do they wear masks at least in some scenes?

Here is the movie title:


More from this movie in the upcoming weeks!

What do you think of that scene?

Feel welcome to leave a comment!

A masked female killer in a craptastic movie [Blog exclusive]

Thanks to all those who recommended this one over the years!

I had my doubts about this one, but I’m rather low on material and so I decided to make a post about it.

This one is exclusively on the blog and not on my Youtube channel for two reasons:

1) I don’t wanna risk anything in terms of showing “nudity” on Youtube, as they are sometimes very strict. I don’t think this clip should be troublesome, but I want to be on the safe side, especially after what happened to my old Frogwoman Youtube channel earlier this year.

2) I think the scene has some interesting aspects, but overall it’s rather embarrassing, so I don’t want it on my Youtube channel 😆


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

The movie is from the category “so bad that it’s funny”.

That works for me if I’m in the right mood.

I mean you can already see in this scene that the “acting” is like the “acting” in a porn movie….. for the most part. 😆

The dialogues are really bad, and the heroine ….well…. isn’t really attractive or interesting for me.

The mask of the killer is good in terms that it is a great disguise. She really wanna make sure that her secret stays …secret.

What is really annoying here is that the killer in this scene isn’t always played by that actress.

You can CLEARLY see that they used a stuntMAN for it in some shots, which is really embarrassing as hell!

I mean the “action” doesn’t require a stuntman/stuntwoman at all in my opinion! And they couldn’t find any stuntWOman to do it?

I mean they just roll around on the floor a little bit. Every actress should be able to do that!

That is a BIG minus for me. It’s just hilarious when the killer is suddenly only half the size as seconds before 😆

Two aspects here are really well done in my opinion here.

I just love that there is an unmasking attempt in the first place. It’s great how she grips into the mask and tries to yank it off.

Such an unmasking attempt is sadly pretty rare to find!

The unmasking is done quite well too! I love the angry look on the face of the attractive killer. Certainly a pretty good reveal!

Overall I have mixed feelings about it. It’s a nice scene that could have been SO much better with some simple changes.

A better dialogue, a better heroine, no guy playing the female killer in some scenes….and you could have a GREAT scene.

A wasted opportunity…

The scene is from this movie:


What do you think of this scene?

Leave your comment below!

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