Fan films (or web series) with masked heroines

[Updated: November 18th, 2021]

This page is dedicated to selected recent fan films (or web series) that I really like. And luckily, there were quite a few in the last months.

I will include the videos as well as the article link. Feel welcome to leave your comments below!

This section will be updated as soon as I have new recommendations!

Feel welcome to leave a comment below!

Batman: Dawn of Fear

original post


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Batgirl: Year of the Birds


 Superheroine Reloaded  

Superheroine Reloaded on Blogspot (uncensored)

Edit, June 6:

His Youtube channel was canceled, will update this section when he has a new channel!

In the meantime, check out his new paid channel where he presents all his work and posts new content very often:

ALZI fan videos

>>>>> ALZI on Youtube <<<<<

You should subscribe to his channel!


>>>>> ALZI Exclusive on Youtube (his 2nd channel) <<<<<

More ALZI links:

ALZI on Instagram:

ALZI on Patreon (alternate Endings and exclusive episodes):

BatTV on Patreon (alternate Endings and exclusive episodes with Batgirl, ALZI’s new 2nd Patreon in a test phase):

*NEW* Season 3 of his Batgirl Fan film series (Season 1 and 2 are also available of course):

The latest Spider-Gwen episode:

The previous ones are available on his channel as well!

Batwoman, Season 1

>>>>> Alzi on Youtube <<<<<  (you should SUBSCRIBE to his channel!)

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Batwoman: The Darkest Night (Fall of Justice)


Episodes 1 and 2 got deleted from Youtube due to copyright claims on the audio

…and he has also a great Supergirl series as well! Check out his youtube channel:

Fall of Justice on Youtube


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Batgirl – “Friday/Saturday Night in Gotham” (Web series)

Youtube-link (you should subscribe to that channel)



x ——————– x


CLAWED: A Cat Woman Fan-Film



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Batgirl debuts in this episode of a Batman Fan-series:

Claws and Webs Productions on Youtube

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Batgirl: Spoiled (Web series – finished after only 2 episodes 🙁 )


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Catwoman Retribution (couldn’t be embedded)



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