Catwoman Cosplay – #13 (and #14)

1st post (out of 2) for today!

For today we have 2 different catwomen and 2 different cosplayers!

The Batman Returns version and TDKR version. Which one do you prefer and why?


Here you can view 12 pictures:

(click to enlarge)

Close call, but I would choose the costume from Batman Returns.

Or better: I would combine the mask from Batman Returns with the TDKR suit 😉

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  1. Well, normally I’d go with Catwoman from Batman Returns. As much as I love the Reevz cowls. I think the cowl for Catwoman is a little too thick. Almost like a helmet this time.

    In my opinion, the model for TDR Catwoman is a lot prettier. So, I prefer they switch costumes.

    Overall, they both are good but not great. (As far as their costumes go.)

    But, for the effort the ladies put in…not bad at all.

    It’s a draw.


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