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The other sites of the Maskripper: Maskripper on Youtube (where you can see the public videos – please subscribe!)

*NEW* Maskripper on Twitter

 Maskripper-page on Facebook

On Facebook I am “Siggi Siggurdson” (a good way to chat with me)

Maskripper (aka KingSiggi) on Deviant Art

Maskripper on Dailymotion

My other blogs and their Youtube channels:

Female scuba divers in action! Sexy wetsuits, underwater peril, fights and more! Frogwoman

Frogwoman on Youtube


Women in sexy boots and/or pantyhose:

SexyLeg on Youtube


Behind the mask!

The new great forum for unmasking fans, check it out! Become a member!

(the successor of TOYM – Take off my mask)

Cowl Girl

An upcoming series with a fan girl that became COWL GIRL!

Darkwing (Batgirl) Webseries

Not for free but with a really good production value. If you like masked heroines and well made fights, this series is something for you. Many different perils included….

Darkwing looks great in her mask!

Batgirl: Spoiled (Webseries)

A high quality-fan made webseries about Batgirl (Stephanie Brown) !

The Superheroine Forum

The biggest forum regarding Superheroines – Recommended


A live-action superheroine series based in Pittsburgh which features many beautiful masked heroines and villainesses

DC Comics

My favorite comic publisher – Home of greatest masked women (Batgirl, Catwoman, Batwoman)

Marvel Comics

The “other” big publisher on comics. Spider-girl is my favorite there.

Dynamite Comics

A smaller comic publisher, but it has some nice heroines like Miss Fury and Lady Rawhide…

Giga / Akiba

Are you looking for some japanese superheroine-madness? This is the site to check out…

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