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The other sites of the Maskripper: Maskripper on YouTube (where you can see the public videos – please subscribe!)

Maskripper on Twitter

You can find me on Facebook under “ScubaMask1”, as my fetish profile is named “Siggi Siggurdson”

Also, I’m now also on Discord, my profile is: Siggi80#9391

Maskripper (aka KingSiggi) on Deviant Art

Maskripper on Dailymotion

My other blog and its YouTube channel:

Female scuba divers in action! Sexy wetsuits, underwater peril, fights, and more! Frogwoman

Frogwoman on Youtube



Behind the mask!

The new great forum for unmasking fans, check it out! Become a member!

(the successor of TOYM – Take off my mask)



Great website with news about the Batwoman TV show. And a great forum as well!

Superheroine Reloaded

A guy that makes awesome videos with edited scenes that fit very well to this blog!

Superheroine Reloaded on Youtube

Superheroine Reloaded’s Blog (uncensored)


Check out these quality fetish videos!

Cowl Girl

A series with a fan girl that became COWL GIRL! Sadly only a pilot was done…..

Darkwing (Batgirl) Webseries

Not for free but with a really good production value. If you like masked heroines and well-made fights, this series is something for you. Many different perils included….

Darkwing looks great in her mask!

Batgirl: Spoiled (Webseries)

A high quality-fan made webseries about Batgirl (Stephanie Brown) !

The Superheroine Forum

The biggest forum regarding Superheroines – Recommended


A live-action superheroine series based in Pittsburgh which features many beautiful masked heroines and villainesses

DC Comics

My favorite comic publisher – Home of greatest masked women (Batgirl, Catwoman, Batwoman)

Marvel Comics

The “other” big publisher on comics. Spider-girl is my favorite there.

Dynamite Comics

A smaller comic publisher, but it has some nice heroines like Miss Fury and Lady Rawhide…

Giga / Akiba

Are you looking for some japanese superheroine-madness? This is the site to check out…

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