The masked villainess + Batman and Joker

I am pretty low on material to post…. but I haven’t posted about these scenes from a rather old animated movie!

In this one, a mysterious villain in full disguise keeps finishing off bad guys…. and actually, it’s more like a villainESS 😉

Soon Batman and the Joker get involved….


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

Watch the video before you continue!

Yeah, I know… not the greatest reveal, especially since the Joker already knows who she is.

But when you watch the whole movie without already knowing who is under the mask… it’s a nice reveal since she perfectly hides who she is.

And her costume and the voice changer also cloak the fact that she is a woman. Plus the costume is rather unusual….

I have seen the cover of this movie several times but I never knew that it was about a female villain.

I do like her backstory, that she takes revenge and finishes off these bad guys. Basically, she isn’t really a villainess, more like a murderous vigilante.

Really a shame that the police showed up as Batman (seemingly) got the upper hand and might have unmasked her…. or at least tried that.


Wanna know the movie title?



Stargirl, Season 3, episode 8 [short review]

Well, I’m not a comic expert and don’t know these Infinity characters, I didn’t care about them.

So, episode 8 was …. actually…. the worst Stargirl episode so far. Quite boring with way too much fantasy.

Wanna guess how long Stargirl and co were in this episode? 😉


The good news is that they will be in episode 9, judging from the trailer. At least something.

Catwoman VS Black Widow! Check out this animated 3D fan film!

Thanks to a member of our Behind the Mask forum, I discovered this gem, check it out and enjoy:

Watch the video before you continue!

Well….. WOW! I must say that is a VERY spectacular fan film!

This isn’t an aminated video from a big studio but the result of the work of just a few folks.

I love that Catwoman is in it and Black Widow is a good opponent for her… even I would have preferred Batgirl 😉

The effects are well done, all the sweat, rain and thunder, and so on.

The effects really add to the overall atmosphere.

The fight scene is well-choreographed and amazingly long.

Also, a big bonus for me is the costume damage! Normally these costumes seem indestructible in the movies which is quite annoying.

Especially the aspect that the Catwoman eye mask gets damaged twice is really great for me, as I love mask damage which happens so rarely!

A nice aspect is that Catwoman then gets fully unmasked! Also, I always prefer if the opponent slowly yanks or rips that mask away.

A shame that the two aren’t talking a little more, especially since some comments about Catwoman’s secret identity would have been great as her mask gets damaged more and more.

I imagine a Catwoman with a cowl fighting the classic Batgirl and then these two would battle to see how can destroy the mask of the opponent first 😉


As you can see on their Youtube channel they will make another battle between these two… looking forward to it… BIG time!

Update on the “Gotham Knights” video game

Well, the game got a review from my favorite gaming site/PC magazine and it got a 70 (out of 100).
That isn’t totally bad… but far away from anything the older games from the Arkham series had reached.
Seemingly the story of the game goes fully downhill after half the game and the fights are done much worse in this one in comparison.
Plus the game seems to have some technical issues.
Glad that I waited for the test instead of getting too hyped over it.

I will buy that game when it is much cheaper. Until then they can patch it up and hopefully improve at least some technical issues.
So, all the Batgirl action with all those different costumes will have to wait…. at least for me.

Pretty disappointing.

Two more Batgirl pictures with different costumes/cowls:

(click to enlarge)


Stargirl, Season 3, episode 7 [short review]

Oh boy….

After the last episode had FINALLY a decent fight scene with Wildcat…  this episode has nothing to offer again in that department.

Again, Stargirl and Wildcat aren’t in the episode at all.

I mean this was episode 7 of this season. If I count all the minutes where Stargirl and Wildcat are on screen…. I probably end up around 10 or 12 minutes in TOTAL.

Plus the episode was actually quite… boring. I don’t care about all the Green Lantern stuff and stopped paying full attention as the whole thing was explained.

Too much fantasy with folks I don’t care about.

The next episode will be part 2 (of 2) of this “Infinity” arc.

So, I don’t have much hope for some superheroine action there as well.

This season really stretches my patience big time.

A masked female killer gets revealed

It’s time for a scene from a pretty new movie!

It has a masked killer in it… and as the scene is here on the blog… you know what that means 😉


(click to enlarge)

And here is the vide:

If you have seen the movie you already

Spoiler title
knew who would be under the mask at this point as she was revealed to be a killer some scenes before (without costume)

That basically kills even the small thrill such a self unmasking brings. If you haven’t seen the movie you have at least a hasty reveal by watching the video.

The Scream movies have by now 2 masked female killers.

That could be very interesting in terms of masked women and secret identities but there are 2 major problems for me.

– The costume of Ghostface is completely unisex as you can’t see if there is a man or a woman in it.

– And the killer self unmasks in basically every reveal which is… lame!

It would be really great if the costume would have some sex appeal at least and someone would actually try to unmask the killer in a struggle.

Would be really great to have a masked female killer struggling to keep her secret identity a….secret.

Then you could have a dramatic unmasking/reveal in the end when the killer gets unmasked by someone else!

But sadly…. this happens so rarely. 🙁

Well, maybe next time, seems like the Scream franchise will go on for a while…

Wanna know from which movie this scene is?


What do you think of that scene?

Feel welcome to leave a comment!


Stargirl, Season 3, episode 6 [short review]

Finally, we have a decent fight scene with Wildcat and Cindy in this one!

Well, to be more precise….more like Wildcat VS Cindy in this one 🙂

Quite odd how seemingly no one calls the cops in this town, no matter what happens in the neighborhood 😆

Again all the vigilante VS villain action happens without any civilians noticing it.

But ok, that’s just an odd habit of this show.

What is important is that Wildcat had a nice screen time and a good fight scene!

(click to enlarge)

The mysterious big villain still is in the shadows and you can only guess what he/she is up to.

It’s time for some action with him/her! I hope the villain will show up really soon so the heroes can battle him/her.

But back to the fight scene in this one. I really enjoyed the fight between Wildcat and Cindy.

A was rooting for Cindy a little bit as I was hoping she would unmask Wildcat… or at least try to unmask her.

Yes, she knows who Wildcat is… but it would show her dominance, and more importantly, it would leave Yolanda rather helpless since the Wildcat mask gives her her power.

Hopefully, some villain will go for it in the future 😉

7 more episodes to go this season, hopefully, the season will now move on with more action.

Episode 6 was promising in that regard.

1 masked woman and 2 masked guys breaking into school [Blog exclusive]

Thanks to the guy who recommended me this one!

We have a masked woman and two guys who break into a school.

What are they up to? Will they get caught and unmasked?


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

I uploaded this video on the Youtube channel, but it is unlisted there, so you won’t find it there by searching or browsing my Youtube channel.

Why? Well, the whole (short) movie was uploaded to Youtube by the guy who made it and this is basically just a part of it with one edit.

So, I think my video shouldn’t be on (public) Youtube and that’s why it is unlisted.

I will put a link to the whole movie in this post as well, so it should be ok to post a short part of it.

She looks really good in that mask, a shame that she unmasks herself, even if it is done in a good way without cuts.

In my version, the guys would have given up easily and she would have battled the two cops who then would have unmasked her after some serious struggle.

But ok, this movie is made for kids…. so that wasn’t an option 😉

In the end, it’s a nice reveal of a stunning young woman, so I think it’s a solid scene all things considered.

Wanna see the full movie?

Here you go:

Stargirl, Season 3, episode 5 [short review]

Well, this season is pretttttty slow so far and this episode is a good example of it.

I somehow have the feeling they created the storyline and then someone mentioned that they have to stretch it to make a full season out of it.

The main plot is moving ahead very slowly and all sorts of side stories are going on.

Yeah, all that is interesting and I still enjoy watching the show…. but… the title of the show gets more and more unfitting.

Stargirl isn’t in this episode at all as Courtney is fully occupied with being in love…

At least Wildcat has two short scenes but without action. 🙁

The trailer promised more than the episode had.

Starman and his anger management issues are more annoying by now than entertaining.

The big bad should show up really soon now as the whole mystery gets a little overdone by now.

Come on Stargirl producers!

I wanna see some action, some bad guys, and Stargirl, Wildcat & Co in ACTION!

This season is MUCH more a teenie drama than a superhero show.

Yeah, I know the CW likes it that way… but come on, just a couple of minutes of action per episode isn’t asked too much.

I hope the rest of the season will deliver more….

So far it’s not known if there will be a season 4 of this show, but I guess we will know soon.

Gotham Knights [Videogame]

Time to make a post here about “Gotham Knights”, not the CW TV show, but the video game!

The game will actually finally be released on October 21…. this October, which means it’s only 2 weeks away.

The standard Batgirl costume here isn’t so great.

A purple, unsexy costume and that…. “mask” …..

…..BUT….. I recently read that there will be over 50(!!!) different costumes and suit modifications for the 4 heroes…in total.

So… that leaves at least a dozen costumes and modifications for Batgirl! 🙂


I collected some images from different costumes and masks for you guys:

(click to enlarge)

Well, for some reason I am now much more motivated to play this game 😉

I am very curious to see all the different costumes and cowls for her!

Damn, how great would it be if there would be a cutscene after she is defeated where the goons rip her cowl apart and unmask her 😉

But, I guess, that will stay a dream.


And here is a trailer with Batgirl in action (in the 2nd half with interesting costumes):

Well, I’m not sure if I will buy that for full price when it comes out… but I will buy it sooner or later.

I enjoyed the Arkham games and looking forward to this.

Hopefully, it will be …at least.. a solid game.

But when I can play with Batgirl and all these suits… that’s already a great reason to buy the game 😉

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