Does anyone know the title of the movie?

A short post for today.

Someone asked me about this clip:

…as it looks very interesting… I would love to know the movie title!

Does anyone know the movie title of these scenes?

Can’t resist a masked villainess 😉

A free month in the VIP club if you know the movie title!

*EDIT* The movie title is already revealed after a nice guy contacted me and also posted it on Youtube as a comment.

Easter weekend

Hey folks, just a quick note:

I will be away for the next few days, so there will be no post on Sunday.

Thereby I won’t be near my PC which means that it might take longer than usual to reply to emails and so on.

But once or twice a day I will have time to reply to them.

Happy easter days!

A female cat burglar from India [Blog exclusive]

Thanks a lot to the nice guy for this recommendation!

At first, I was very skeptical about this one as I read that this movie is from India. Because I (and I guess many others) always think that Indian movies have dancing scenes with crazy music, weird action, and massive soap opera elements.

Well, yeah, this movie has all that too….BUT….it has also a sexy cat burglar in a solid heist scene!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

(wasn’t welcome on Youtube)

Yeah, I know, a lot of strange elements here, but I just love the suspense when seeing such a cat burglar and not knowing who is under that mask.

Especially as her mask disguises her perfectly. In every second I hope that someone would reach for that mask to expose the woman underneath.

It’s a shame that she just unmasks herself in front of him and gives up her secret identity like that. I wish these two would fight and then one would unmask the other one.

Or that the female detective would fight with her and would yank on that mask!

It’s just lame that she gives up like that. And well the dialog afterward…..well, it really shows that this movie is from India 😉

I checked for more scenes with her in a mask but found nothing in it by skipping through the movie.

All in all a good scene.

Wanna know the movie title? Here you go:


What do you think of that scene?

Feel welcome to leave a comment!

The villainous pharmacist and her gas mask fetish

Hah! That’s a title 😉

First of all: Thanks a lot to the nice guy who recommended me this one!

I watched the whole flick and surely this reco paid off just fine.

Sorry for the little potential spoiler in the title, but if you watch the whole movie, you will see that coming too.

But let’s start with some pictures:

(click to enlarge)

And here is the video (and yes, the first scene is actually the start of the movie!):

Watch the video first and then continue!

Ok, where to start? What a weird way to start a movie! Some random guy that we don’t know fights with someone in a hood and gas mask…. and obviously, since this is a post on this blog….that masked villain is actually a masked villainess. 😉

Such a crazy way to start the movie…. who are these people? Why is the gas mask person attacking the other one? And why the hell is that guy behaving so weird?

It’s amazing how weird that script is for him. I mean he gets the upper hand and beats his assailant to the floor. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to disarm the attacker? And then unmask him/her? Instead, he walks away at first and then walks backward back to the place where the attacker was laying on the ground seconds before!?

Ok, maybe the gas did mess with his head or something 😆

And why is the attacker only gassing him shortly and then always is waiting to be attacked? She was lucky here to defeat him.

And then the scene ends with him laying on the ground and that’s it. What is happening here?

Really odd. As I saw that first I was turned on and confused at the same time 😆

It’s pretty weird that they use CGI gas in these scenes, couldn’t they use some harmless white smoke? Would have looked much better.

I really love the breathing sounds in this scene as you can hear that the attacker is breathing heavily during a fight which makes sense.

This video has all the scenes with the villainess in her gas mask in it.

Speaking of her gas mask: What weird gas mask is that? Never seen that model. Is that self-made?

I mean the small part where she can actually see something….well the mask is disguising her very well….but at the same time, she can’t see an awful lot with it.

But at first sight, this mask looks somehow evil, and that fits her role.

Even the mask isn’t exactly “pretty”.

A shame she takes of the mask herself as I would have loved a reveal in a fight.

But the short flashback scene is a great BONUS for me. Even it is only short I love it when a masked villainess like she is fighting against another woman!

It’s quite odd how her mask gets…”away”….but it’s great that she actually gets unmasked and is immediately running away to keep her secret.

I checked that scene frame by frame and still don’t know if the other woman yanked that mask off her or it somehow fell off during her fall. Even that would be quite bizarre as these masks are fitted very tightly to not let in anything (except through the filter).

However, the other woman didn’t see her unmasked face so her evil secret identity was still intact back then.

Sadly she doesn’t get the chance to put on her mask again as her tank is empty and she gets another one from her car.

In this time the women free themselves and then they fight with the villainess ….

Spoiler title
and seemingly beat her to death.

But I really love the whole idea of this villainess! I wonder how the scriptwriter came up with that idea:

Let’s have a villainess who puts on a gas mask and is killing people with her special gas (that she mixes up in her own pharmacy).

I wish she had more screentime in her gas mask, as that is only a little over 2 minutes. And of course, a dramatic unmasking in a fight would have been great…but nonetheless, I am very happy about this new movie.


Here is the movie title:


What do you think of these scenes?

Leave your comment below!

My review of episode 18 “If You Believe in Me, I’ll Believe in You”

…is ready now!

Check out the very short short review on Batwoman – Season 1 – Episodes 13-20!

Check out the detailed review incl. pictures and my Batwoman cuts on Batwoman – Season 1 – Episode 18!

Some screenshots:

Have you seen it already?

What do you think about it?

Leave a comment here or on the page of the episode!

Do you know this movie?

Hey folks, just a quick post for today. A nice user of this site asked me if I would know the title of the movie to his description.

I don’t know it, so I am asking you! Here is the description from him:

“…. I watched it as a kid and never managed to watch all of it and this scene has stuck with me so its been killing me trying to find it again as i only remember one scene its very reminisint of the spartucas scene where 2 people are having sex while wearing masks. I know its not that though as i watched it multiple times in the early 2000s as a kid when the movie would show up on tv guide but oviously would change the channel lol i belive the movie was released anywhere from late 80s to early 2000s what i remember is a woman is prepaired to meet a man i believe theyre both masked its a room with white curtains and sheets i think. They basically have sex and if i remember correctly i think he was supposed to the a prince or the king but wasn’t and it turns out they were related in some way. i know its not eyes wide shit or Spartacus or man in the iron mask. I know there was some nobel tittle thing being involved in the plot and was a period piece movie just have exhausted all my ideas and google searches”


If you do know the title of the movie to this description…please leave a comment below!

Maskripper VIP Club: February

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SpiderGirl unmasked! (in a trailer)

Some of you may have seen this on the old TOYM site, but I think this one needs to be reposted here  😉

Here we have a trailer to a SpiderGirl movie! There won’t be a movie to it, because it was made for some kind of trailer contest, but the trailer is worth watching!

Some thug unmaks SpiderGirl! 🙂


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Rare enough to find some bad guy who actually wanna unmask the heroine….I love it!

And in a fight, not tight up (much cooler)!