The Dark Knight Rises

Movie, 2012

164 minutes

Story (IMDB):

Eight years after the Joker’s reign of anarchy, Batman, with the help of the enigmatic Catwoman, is forced from his exile to save Gotham City from the brutal guerrilla terrorist Bane.


“Batman Begins” and “The Dark Knight” were already great movies by Christopher Nolan and revived the Batman movie franchise after Joel Schuhmacher buried it for a while with his weird, colorful comedy flicks.

Knowing that Catwoman would appear in this movie pushed my anticipation about this movie in (so far) unknown heights.

I watched the trailers over and over again.

I bought magazines from the USA and the UK before the start.

I collected all pictures I could get on the internet.

Finally, the day came and I could finally watch the movie.

After my expectations were so HIGH the movie couldn’t completely live up to it.

It’s a great movie, but afterwards I was a little disappointed about Catwoman’s role in it.

They chose not to use the name “Catwoman” and she didn’t have a secret identity at all. Basically, nearly everyone knew all the time who she is.

And also there wasn’t any unmasking action in it. But more about that below….

Some images:

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Maskrippers opinion:

Mask action

….well…..nothing. She never unmasks or gets unmasked. And basically, everyone knows who she is or finds out immediately. A big disappointment!


Good overall story. I wish Catwoman’s role would have been a little bigger.


A well-crafted eye mask. But still, only an eye mask that doesn’t hide much of her pretty face.

The classical “give her a mask, but don’t hide her face” move….. 🙁

Hard to have a secret identity with that kind of mask. And in the comics, Catwoman always has a cowl….

Rest of the costume

And that’s the reason why this movie is in my Hall of Fame!

I’m pretty sure that many or most of the men who watch this movie get rather “excited” about seeing Catwoman in that catsuit and boots!

Anne Hathaway has a great figure and fills out that catsuit beautifully.

The boots look great but are….of course….not really realistic with these high heels. A cat burglar should be rather quiet and sneaky….and that’s kind of impossible with these heels.

Like the mask that was seemingly a decision of sexiness VS realism.


Anne does a good job of playing this version of Catwoman. She knows how to “play” with Bruce Wayne and Batman. 🙂




My opinion about….. Catwoman and her costume in TDKR (aka realism VS sexyness)

All Catwoman scenes in TDKR (not on the blog)

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