Update on the “Gotham Knights” video game

Well, the game got a review from my favorite gaming site/PC magazine and it got a 70 (out of 100).
That isn’t totally bad… but far away from anything the older games from the Arkham series had reached.
Seemingly the story of the game goes fully downhill after half the game and the fights are done much worse in this one in comparison.
Plus the game seems to have some technical issues.
Glad that I waited for the test instead of getting too hyped over it.

I will buy that game when it is much cheaper. Until then they can patch it up and hopefully improve at least some technical issues.
So, all the Batgirl action with all those different costumes will have to wait…. at least for me.

Pretty disappointing.

Two more Batgirl pictures with different costumes/cowls:

(click to enlarge)


Gotham Knights [Videogame]

Time to make a post here about “Gotham Knights”, not the CW TV show, but the video game!

The game will actually finally be released on October 21…. this October, which means it’s only 2 weeks away.

The standard Batgirl costume here isn’t so great.

A purple, unsexy costume and that…. “mask” …..

…..BUT….. I recently read that there will be over 50(!!!) different costumes and suit modifications for the 4 heroes…in total.

So… that leaves at least a dozen costumes and modifications for Batgirl! 🙂


I collected some images from different costumes and masks for you guys:

(click to enlarge)

Well, for some reason I am now much more motivated to play this game 😉

I am very curious to see all the different costumes and cowls for her!

Damn, how great would it be if there would be a cutscene after she is defeated where the goons rip her cowl apart and unmask her 😉

But, I guess, that will stay a dream.


And here is a trailer with Batgirl in action (in the 2nd half with interesting costumes):

Well, I’m not sure if I will buy that for full price when it comes out… but I will buy it sooner or later.

I enjoyed the Arkham games and looking forward to this.

Hopefully, it will be …at least.. a solid game.

But when I can play with Batgirl and all these suits… that’s already a great reason to buy the game 😉