Well, of course she doesn’t wear a mask, but this movie is VERY important on a bigger scale for us unmasking fans!

Why? Well, how many “superhero”-movies with a female lead we got until now? VERY, very few…. and all have one thing in common: They are crap (more or less)! Elektra, Ultraviolet, Catwoman, Aeon Flux…

This movie is the first real big budget movie with a superheroine, it must be a success! Because if it fails, the studios are getting even more afraid to make a hero movie with a female lead. And if it is a success…. it may encourage them to make more movies! More movies with heroines….more movies with masked heroines! I will see that movie in the cinema, and you all should too! It could open the door to a bunch of great movies.

And for the movie itself: Well, Wonder Woman is cool. And I love this World War 1 setting. Very interesting!
And for the trailer… I love it! Your opinion on all of this?

Official Wonder Woman – Trailer Comic con: