Catwoman Cosplay #12

Hey, time for some more Catwoman! Stumbled upon this one, a good costume and a wide variety of ideas.



And here are all 9 pictures (incl. two UNMASKED):

(click to enlarge)

Interesting variation of the Tim Burton movie costume…. 🙂

I envy the photographer, but on the other side I guess I couldn’t do such a photoshoot without getting….

Female thief unmasked! In a movie trailer…

This week I checked some new trailers, like I always do, and I found something for this blog!

The scene is short, very short, but it fuels my imagination 😉

Looks like that it could be a great unmasking!


And here is the whole trailer (with title):

Great setting for an unmasking! Really looking forward to this one….

I edited the trailer so if you wanna see the unmasking over and over again…. here the unmasking only: 😉

LINK: Female thief get unmasked

What do you think of it?