Black Scorpion II (2nd movie)

Movie, 1997

85 minutes

Story (IMDB-user):

Darcy is back on the force, but still fights on as the Black Scorpion because “it’s in her nature.” This time, she fights Gangster Prankster; and a new villian emerges when the Mayor tries to protect his federal earthquake relief money: Aftershock. When the two villains team up and kidnap Argyle’s girlfriend, Black Scorpion is faced with the theft of the Scorpionmobile and the imminent destruction of Angel City.


Legendary filmmaker/producer Roger Corman had already made hundreds of movies before this one.

Watched the first one on TV here and was excited as I found out that there is a 2nd movie as well.

Movies with a masked superheroine in the lead role are REALLY rare. So, gems like this are really standing out!

Yeah, many aspects of the movie could be better (especially the story and effects) but this isn’t a Hollywood blockbuster. It is a rather cheap movie….and yeah, you do see that here and there. 😉

But you have a hot actress (Joan Severance) in a very sexy costume! And she has a mask that conceals her face pretty well.

And add some solid action scenes and you have…..BLACK SCORPION!

Some images:

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Maskrippers opinion:

Mask action

(forced unmasking attempt, self-unmasking in front of villainess)

Two major scenes in this one: One attempt to force her to unmask herself and a self-unmasking in front of the villainess Aftershock.

Gangster Prankster tries to force Black Scorpion to unmask herself as he points a toy gun filled with acid at her.

She is about to pull her mask off in front of him and Rick who is there as a prisoner. Lucky for her an earthquake(!) erupts and gives her the diversion she needed to disarm Gangster Prankster.

The wording here is pretty similar to the glorious first episode of the TV show. Here: “Take off your mask… or I burn it off” – There it was “….or I am gonna blow it off”

In the second scene, we have Black Scorpion and Afershock. They both know each other in their civilian identities. Aftershock started in the movie with a kind of “mask” around her face but stops wearing it towards the end. Black Scorpion knows now that Dr. Ursula Undershaft (what a name) is Aftershock.

Black Scorpion unmasks herself to show the Dr. a known face and to persuade her to stop her evil plan. That works…. even not as Black Scorpion intended too.

Especially the first scene is really great! I love a villain who really wants to find out who’s behind the mask of the heroine. And in this movie and in the TV show this villain is interested in unmasking Black Scorpion, so that makes him a good villain in my book 😉

Even the comedy elements in his scenes often are not so funny….


Not really original and pretty cheezy but that fits the whole movie. The movie doesn’t take itself too seriously and you should love some aspects.

The fantasy elements are a bit too much for me. The car transformation and her changing into the Black Scorpion costume with the help of her magic ring…

As it is the second movie they added a second villain(ess) to the mix. Classic.

Black Scorpion has quite some scenes with the new detective named Rick, there is sadly less action in comparison to Michael from the first movie.

Michael had great, sexy scenes with her.

The scene here where he fantasizes about Darcy with her slip on his head… oh boy… quite embarrassing 😆

Also really interesting that Steve from the TV show who plays the detective there… has a short scene at the beginning of this movie… but as a criminal who gets killed by Black Scorpion (very ruthless).

Quite often you can really (too) easily spot the stunt woman/women here who play Black Scorpion during the action scene (like in the picture above where she lies on the ground).


As in the first movie:

This version isn’t as good as the TV show version in my opinion but it is a really good mask. In combination with her wig, it really conceals her face pretty well.

That’s how a mask should be…


Rest of the costume

It is the second of three versions. I think this one is certainly an improved version in comparison to the one from the first movie.

I prefer the one from the TV show and then comes this version from the 2nd movie.

Here the main body part of the costume has improved a lot as it looks much better in my opinion.

Still not a big fan of the boots and gloves. Sexy …yes, but could look better.


Darcy Walker/Black Scorpion played by Joan Severance

Her looks are convincing and she plays both parts well. As Darcy, she does have some nice outfits as well.

In comparison, I prefer Michel Lintel from the TV show…..but Joan Severance did a good job in the first two movies.




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