Female thief unmasked in public!

So, several weeks ago I presented a trailer. A trailer were a masked Olga Kurylenko is unmasked in public!

Now I got the whole scene!

Here you go, a little preview (without showing the unmasked Olga):

(click to enlarge)

And here is the scene:

Wow, her face after she is unmasked…. and realises that around 20 people watching her. Great!

Your opinion?

The movie title:


Discuss! Attempted unmasking VS unmasking!

Hey guys, always wondered how you think about attempted unmaskings?
Do you “need” a successful unmasking? Is every unmasking better than the best unmasking attempt?

I started a thread about it on TakeOffYourMask, feel free to write down your opinion!

*EDIT*: Forum is offline now…

Batwoman 03 RiZZ3N EMPiRE pg09-10_edit

Catwoman Cosplay – #15 (and #16)

Another two catwoman cosplays for you! One catwoman-comic look (it’s around 10 years old -(1)), and a unique approach on the cat (2).

Which one do you prefer?


Here are all 18(!) pictures in full size:

My opinion:

  1. Good suit with nice… views. But I don’t like the goggles.
  2.  Interesting design! Nice idea with the transparent elements. But the cowl is too “bulky” it doesn’t fit so good. And the boots, hmh, not my taste…

Your opinions?

Action Girl – Music video – (with unmaskings!)

For this weeks post I edited another fine video for you folks!

It’s kind of a music video…but with a masked girl, Action girl! And listen carefully to the “singing”…. 😉

Great line!


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:



Great outfit! And the mask is pretty good (covers enough).

Your opinion?