A masked female burglar wants to get some goods from a safe

So, time for another scene with a masked woman!

In this case, we have a masked female burglar who wants some stuff from a safe.

Will she get what she wants and get away from the guards?



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Here is the video:

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Well, I guess that may be the most unfitting mask I have ever seen on a woman 😆

Looks like she needs a size S or M but choose a XXXXL mask for her heist.

Maybe it was a practical thing for the filming to not “ruin” her hair and/or have a very easy unmasking?

Or maybe she as a burglar chooses it to even disguise her better.

Anyhow, seems like that mask just could have been blown off by a slight breeze.

Not a very sexy mask, but surely an effective disguise.

I don’t get why she takes off that mask in the room with the safe, as it is risky… even if it is a closed space.

Maybe it was the old “we must present her pretty face as often as possible” trope from the producers…

But at least she quickly re-masks as the alarm goes off.

A shame the guards weren’t even able to find her… so, as often… no fight scene with the masked woman 🙁

I wish these guards in most movies would be a little more competent…

That is the only scene with her in a mask in the movie.

Wanna know from which movie this is?


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