Robin Hood and the masked female vigilante!?!

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This one is from a classic that shouldn’t be missing on this blog…


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Here is the video:

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Watch the video before you continue!

I was a young teenager when this movie came out and really enjoyed it… and it’s still fun to watch!

The reveal, that this sneaky, masked figure is a woman, let alone Marian… is certainly well made, as you don’t expect to find a woman under the mask, especially in such a scenario.

Yeah, the mask isn’t particularly stylish or sexy… but it’s a great and unusual disguise as it covers up nearly everything.

Even it should be quite difficult to see a lot from the inside of the mask…

I wonder why Marian chose that outfit? Was she wearing it before? Just to defend her home, or was she in some vigilante business before?

I mean a masked Marian reminds me of a certain TV show where she is a masked vigilante with the deceiving name “Nightwatchman”.

Well, it certainly fooled the audience and Robin.


Wanna know from which movie this is?



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3 thoughts on “Robin Hood and the masked female vigilante!?!”

  1. I remember this as the best scene in the film, I thought she looked sexy as hell and totally badass in that outfit. It seems a real shame that once she was defeated by Robin , she ditched the outfit and wore a dress for the rest of the film and seemed a lot less capable as well . Ah the 90’s ! Almost a last gasp revival of the 70’s !


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