Robin Hood (BBC TV show)

TV show with 3 seasons (39 episodes)


Nightwatchman is in seasons 1 and 2

(Season 1 UK Blu-ray cover)


After 5 years of fighting in the Crusades Robin returns to England to lead a group of lawless people against the evil sheriff of Nottingham.

This one is one of the very best recommendations I ever got!

I guess I might have heard of the show before… but never knew that there is a masked female vigilante in it. 🙂


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Maskrippers opinion:

Mask action

(self unmasking, unmasking attempt, unmasking, secret identity struggle)

Some close calls as the Nightwatchman got trapped here and there. Gets unmasked by Robin so he learns that his loved Marian is under the mask.

Awesome final unmasking as Guy of Gisborne finally pins her down, yanks off her mask, and then the fabric that covered the lower part of her face.

The perfect constellation as he always loved Marian, but the Nightwatchman was sort of an arch-nemesis for him as “he” always escaped.

Therefore he is utterly shocked to find Marian under that mask, more on that in the blog post.


Solid overall story with two good villains and interesting side characters.

I was interesting enough without the Nightwatchman… but she definitely pulled the whole show on a whole new level for me!

She could have been more often in that role, but it is just a fantastic addition to the show to have this masked vigilante in some episodes.

The thrill of having her in that costume is great, especially as she has so much to lose and risks so much by putting on that costume.


An interesting 3 part combo of a hood+mask+cloth!

Basically, everyone even thinks that the vigilante is a guy as that would be “normal” as the thought already seemed pretty absurd to the people back then that it could be a woman.

The bad guys don’t figure out that a woman is behind it even if you actually can see that pretty good (chest+eyes).

With the mask and the cloth, she would still be pretty safe if only one of those would be removed.

She really cares about her secret identity.

Rest of the costumes 

Well, the historical time setting of this show limits the available materials of course.

Also, she wants to hide the fact that the vigilante is in fact a woman.

But all in all a good costume!


Lucy Griffiths does a good job and the other actors are also convincing.


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