Batgirl in Peril – Top 10 scenes – from “Adversary” (Nostalgic Source)

Here’s a fine top 10 video of Batgirl in Peril. 10 scenes from the fan movie “Adversary” (Nostalgic Source). And surprise, surprise some scenes involve her…mask 😉


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And here is the video:


Amateur Catwoman – Captured and Defeated (Nostalgic Source)

And here’s another fine early video from Nostalgic Source!

Catwoman breaks into an apartment, but she isn’t alone like she thought…

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And here you can see it….the whole video:




Well, the ending is a little…. “evil” for my taste , but I love the attempted unmasking at the beginning and the (successful) unmasking.

Well done!

Amateur Catwoman VS Amateur Thor (Nostalgic Source)

Today I wanna start a regular series of the great work Nostalgic Source has made over the years (of course with the permission).

And we start with one of the early videos from him….

Catwoman sneaks into an apartment, not knowing that someone is there…someone who is a perhaps more than a match for her….

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And here is the video with all the action:

What do you folks think about it?