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The content of this month (June 2024):

In the VIP Club, you find selected, premium videos and pictures that I won’t or can’t post on the “normal” blog page.

The access is restricted to only those users who contributed something to

These users become a VIP on!

That includes:

People who donated at least 8 Euro with PayPal (and/or Credit Card, Amazon gift code)

People who recommended (quality) movies, tv-series or websites that were unknown to me

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(password required)


How does it work?

Well, on the VIP club, there are at least 2 videos every month AND the stories I wrote for this blog. They will stay in the VIP area.

2 long, fetish stories with at least 15 pages each + 1 fetish story with 8 pages.

The members who qualified for the VIP club will get the password to gain access to the next site.

You donate once, no subscription, no renewal!

1 month – 8 Euro

3 months – 20 Euro – (6,67 Euro a month)

6 months – 35 Euro (5,83 Euro a month)

12 months – 59 Euro (4,92 Euro a month)

That means, for example: If you donate 20 Euro in January for the blog, you will get the passwords for January, February, and March.

You will get the password for the calendar month in which you pay. You have access to the VIP club as long as the month lasts.


>>>>> The easy way to donate: <<<<<

You can use this donate button, as it is configured with the correct mail address and the correct currency (Euro)!

Also, if you don’t have PayPal….you can also use a credit card after clicking on the button.


Just enter the amount you wish to donate.

And DON’T make it a monthly donation (as it would be more expensive for you).

Or you can send the money with Paypal “manually”.

Send it to      with the fitting amount in Euro and you will get the new password for each month.


>>> If you don’t have a Paypal account or a credit card… <<<

I am now accepting digital gift certificates for and *NEW* for and as well!

How does that work? Go to the site of your choice and buy a digital gift certificate!

— Select an amount of your choice, dependent on how many months you wanna join (or fill in the last box)

— Use    as the recipient (You can use whatever name you want for yourself)

— and buy it…

The videos/picture sets will hit the site at the beginning of every month (starting in February 2017)

Every month there will be a new password.