Batgirl in peril!

For this week I choose 6 pictures I found in the last weeks. Thanks to the ones who posted them and/or created them!

All 6 pictures show our beloved batgirl in different dangerous situations…..


And here are all 6 pictures:

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Hall of Fame will be updated next friday!

[Hall of Fame] – Lady Shiva VS the Birds of Prey!

One scene was still missing to cover the legendary episode completely!

Lady Shiva unmasked Batgirl and discovered her secret identity.

Now she is after a friend of Batgirl…. and finds more resistance than she expects…


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Damn, I love and hate this scene at the same time!

The fight choreo is again not so great, just ok.

I love that Lady Shiva gets into another fight in that sexy costume and that awesome mask!

But I hate, that she gives up like that and unmasks herself!


Would have been so awesome if Huntress had slowly damaged that mask more and more during their fights.

After some epic struggle, she would unmask Shiva by ripping her cowl completely 😉

While Shiva would desperately struggle to keep her identity a secret.

But ok… you can’t have everything.

The self-unmasking is still very sexy and interesting and shows that that cowl was secured properly…

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