Black Scorpion (1st movie)

Movie, 1995

92 minutes


Story (IMDB-user):

Darcy is a cop who is also a supehero named Black Scorpion at night who kicks and beats evildoers to a pulp. She soon catches wind of an asthmatic mad scientist who plans on tainting the city’s air supply with a toxin. Only Darcy in her superhero garb can stop him with the assistance of a petty thief named Argyle and a really cool car.



Legendary filmmaker/producer Roger Corman had already made hundreds of movies before this one.

But THIS one got him on my radar BIG TIME!

I saw this one on german TV and was hooked immediately.

Movies with a masked superheroine in the lead role are REALLY rare. And this one maybe the first I ever saw.

Yeah, many aspects of the movie could be better (especially story and effects) but this isn’t a Hollywood blockbuster. It is a rather cheap movie….and yeah, you do see that here and there. 😉

But you have a hot actress (Joan Severance) in a very sexy costume! And she has a mask that conceals her face pretty good.

And add some solid action scenes and you have…..BLACK SCORPION!

Some images:

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Maskrippers opinion:

Mask action

(unmasking attempts, unmasking)

Quite a lot actually! Michael tries twice to unmask the Black Scorpion before he actually manages to do it! Even she is only barely concious and can’t fight back….this unmasking is really great as he slowly pulls her mask up to reveal his own partner Darcy Walker underneath it!

And the two female wrestler once wanna unmask the knocked Black Scorpion too but get interrupted.

The only thing that was missing was the Breathtaker trying to unmask her. But that’s complaining on a very high level.


Not really original and pretty cheezy but that fits to the whole movie. The movie doesn’t take itself too serious and you should love about some aspects.

The fantasy elements are a bit too much for me. The Black Scorpion car with all these insane functions, and heroine and villain can jump REALLY high in the air …without explanation.


This version isn’t as good as the TV show version in my opinion but it is a really good mask. In combination with her wig it really conceals her face pretty good.

That’s how a mask should be…


Rest of the costume

It is the first of three versions. In the 2nd movie and then in the TV show she has a similiar, but different costume.

I prefer the one from the TV show and then comes the version from the 2nd movie.

Which doesn’t say that I don’t like this one. But a cheap fishnet pantyhose and these even cheaper hooker boots are too….cheap 😉

Her suit isn’t cut very cut in the cleavage area, both other costumes improved on that too.

But if you compare this costume with most costumes in fetish videos…it is still a very good one. 


Darcy Walker/Black Scorpion played by Joan Severance

Her looks are convincing and she plays both parts well. As Darcy she does have some nice outfits as well.

In comparison I prefer Michel Lintel from the TV show…..but Joan Severance did a good job in the first two movies.




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