Batwoman news: Promo posters and behind the scenes pictures

Before the “regular” weekly post on Sunday, I wanna make a quick post today about the Batwoman TV show as I stumbled upon some really cool pictures this week!


For starters, these new Batwoman promo posters were published yesterday:

(click to enlarge to full size)

Really cool promo poster! I especially like that Ryan/Batwoman have the exact same head pose, so it shows her transformation by putting on her Batwoman cowl.

One of them already made it into the new headline of this blog 😉

A nice template for how she looks unmasked!

Would be pretty cool if someone would movie her unmasked head onto the version with the costume……


Rachel Skarsten posted these pictures on her Instagram yesterday:

(click to enlarge to full size)

The Kane family reunited! Well, except Mary to be precise. At least they are together on set for now, but that will happen on the show as well…sooner or later.

Jacob (Dougray Scott) looks so weird with that happy smile 😆 ….as he normally is mostly sad or angry on the show.

Can’t wait to see Wallis Day on the show…… as the

Spoiler title
three short Kate Kane scenes only showed a bandaged woman….that could have been as well played by a stuntwoman.

Will finally watch (at least) the first couple of episodes of Krypton the next few days to see her in action for a longer time.

Also, Christina Wolfe posted this picture:

(click to enlarge)

The first behind-the-scenes picture that I found of her in the Batwoman costume and cowl!

It was great to see her in that suit back in season 1 (episode 7)! Well, perhaps she will put that one again for a mission in the future…or another costume with a mask….that would be really great!

I wanna promote a really good site for Batwoman fans:

I am on that site pretty often, it’s a really good source for recaps, picture galleries, trailers, casting news, and synopsizes of future episodes (which I link to in the Batwoman sites here on the blog)!

You can easily create an account there and then comment on their posts or visit the forum for discussions with other fans!

Wallis Day cast as the new Kate Kane [Batwoman TV show] + Update, March 25

I was thinking about writing about the BIG casting news in my post from Monday that you will find below this one, but I wanted to give you a bigger chance to watch the episode before hearing the news 😉

And also, this deserves an extra post!

As the news got out last year that Ruby Rose was leaving the show….new names for her recast quickly popped up.

A name that was mentioned pretty often: Wallis Day.

Last year I made a post about the possible recast actresses and she was the first I mentioned in it.


Check out my post from last year:

And here is the news about Wallis Day:

(Left: Wallis Day in her role in Krypton – Right: Ruby Rose as Batwoman)

Some more pictures of Wallis:

(click on the image to enlarge it to full size)


I am very thrilled about this recast as I thought from day one that Kate Kane would be recast and return to the show at one point.

I expected her to re-appear near the end of season 2. Well, now she already is in the show in the middle of season 2.

But the question is: How long will it take her to escape that basement/sewer dungeon? How long will it take the others to realize that she is still alive?

So, I think it will take a while to see the new Kate be reunited with her loved ones after all. And they will certainly be much surprised to see how she had changed.

There are now so many questions that puzzle me. Why is she there? Who put her there and keeps her locked away? What kind of injuries did she suffer? Are these injuries from the plane crash? Is the one who is responsible for the plane crash the same one who keeps her locked away? etc.

I hope we will see Wallis Day in the next episode, even I do think she might have these bandages on for a while….after all, she seemed to have gotten some facial surgery as she now looks different.

I will watch now (at least) some episodes of Krypton as I never have seen Wallis Day in anything, except short video clips.

UPDATE, March 25:

We finally know who will play Black Mask just some days before the first episode with him airs!

Peter Outerbridge will play the masked evil mastermind!

(click to enlarge)

I know him mostly from “Nikita” and “The Expanse”, but I have seen some other shows and movies with him as well.

Looking forward to see him in the role! Especially as he might be THE big villain for the rest of the season.

Batwoman, season 2, episode 8 “I Survived Much Worse” [Review]

Check out the very short review on Batwoman – Season 2 – Episodes 7-12!

Check out the detailed review incl. pictures and my Batwoman cuts on Batwoman – Season 2 – Episode 8!

You can watch the episodes LIVE on the CW (Sundays at 8 PM) or watch it also for FREE on the CW website (link) and on the CW app, starting Mondays after an episode has been aired on Sunday!

Some screenshots:

(click to enlarge – more pictures on the page of episode 8, link above)

Have you seen it already?

What do you think about it?

Leave a comment here or on the page of the episode!

Batwoman: Casting news/rumors #1 – Wallis Day, Katy O’Brian, Peyton List?

This is post 1 of 2 for today!

After the smashing news that Ruby Rose has left the show more and more casting rumors are circling aroud the web.

Looks like the CW is (seemingly) looking for:

– an actress that already was/is on CW shows

– an actress that looks at least a little bit like Ruby

 – an actress from the LGBTQ community

– age and height are also criteria of course

– at least a good physical fitness ( I would say)

I read about some names quite often and wanna present the 3 of them that would fit in my opinion:

(without particular order)

Wallis Day

  • mostly known for her roles in Krypton and The Royals, Hollyoaks (no CW connections)
  • 25 years, 5ft 8 ½ (174 cm)
  • IMDB-link

(click to enlarge to full size)


– a pretty tall woman, which would fit good to being a bad-ass vigilante (in my opinion)

– very young, a long perspective

– looks like she could be Alice’s sister

– LGBTQ (like the CW wants)



– no CW connections so far

An artist already put her into the Batwoman cowl (an old version of it):

(click to enlarge)

— Link to the artist —

My opinion:

Haven’t seen her so on the screen so far, but certainly a really good choice as she fits in mosts criterias!



Katy M. O’Brian

  • Mostly known from her roles in Walking Dead, Z Nation and Black Lightning (CW)
  • Age: UNKWON(!?!), 5’7″ (1,70 m)
  • IMDB link

(click to enlarge to full size)

^^^ She can kick some serious ass! ^^^


– has played in a CW show

– extremely fit! Would make a highly believable ass-kicking vigilante!

– LGBTQ (like the CW wants)

– age seemingly fits(?)



– was already in an Arrowverse show. Even her character seems to not appear again in Black Lightning….it might look at least odd for some folks to see her in another role in the Arrowverse

– doesn’t really look much like she could be Alice’s sister


My opinion:

Another good fit, especially with her highly trained body!  The aspect that she played another character in an Arrowverse show…might be a problem?



Peyton List (Peyton E. List)

  •  mostly known for her roles 90210 (Lindsey Beckwith), The Tomorrow People (Cara Coburn), The Flash (Lisa Snart/Golden Glider)
    Charmed (Nadia) (all CW), Picard and Gotham
  •  33 years, 5ft 6 ½ (168 cm)
  • IMDB link

(click to enlarge)


– has played in a CW show

– looks like she could be Alice’s sister

– age fits, height is ok too



– LGBTQ (like the CW wants) ????

– fit enough ????

My opinion:

Some question marks remain! But she does fit in most criterias.


Other names I read VERY often these days were Stephanie Beatriz and Rachel Skarsten.

I don’t think they would fit at all.

Beatriz is already 39, way too old for such a highly physical role in a TV show that should last some seasons. And she wouldn’t fit at all to Alice and Jacob.

And the idea of choosing Rachsel Skarsten to play 3 roles as Alice, Kate and Batwoman…is beyond absurd 😆

I am wondering how far they actually are in the re-casting process?

However it will be highly interesting to see who they choose!

I will keep you posted.

Any comments on the 3 above?

Or do you have another suggestion that fits in the criterias?