The history/timeline of the Batwoman TV show

Last update: October 2021

On this page, I wanna present a timeline of the Batwoman TV show!

Also, I will link most of the entries to the post I did back then on this blog.

These milestones are just my personal reception of how things happened.

(the dates are mostly the dates I made the post on the blog, which was always very close to the news/event)


!!!!! May 21: It was announced that Batwoman and Gotham would appear in the next Crossover in December later that year!

June 29: A trailer from San Diego Comic-Con hinted that Batwoman MAY get her own TV show

October 10: A first official promo picture of Ruby Rose in the costume appears!

(click to enlarge)


October 27: The first two “real” pictures of Ruby in costume (with Supergirl and James Bamford)

November 22: The first TEASER of Elseworlds Crossover with Batwoman

November 30: Batwoman pictures from the Crossover + an extended TEASER

December 5: A promo POSTER and the TRAILER for the Elseworlds Crossover

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!!!!! December 9-11: Batwoman appears for the first time on TV on the Elseworlds Crossover!!!

December 13: My post about the Crossover with pictures and 2 videos




January 15: The pilot episode of a possible season 1 gets greenlighted!

March 4: Filming of the pilot has started + the complete regular cast is announced

!!!!! May 7: Season 1 of Batwoman is finally officially ordered!!!!

May 17: The infamous Batwoman TRAILER gets released + the official storyline is out

June 18: The date of the first episode is released (October 6)

July 10: Batwoman is on one of the cover versions of the San Diego Comic-Con issue of the TV guide

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July 17: Batwoman promo on the San Diego Comic-Con


!!!!! October 6: Episode 1 premieres on the CW (+my review)

October 25: It is confirmed that Batwoman gets a FULL SEASON 1 with 22 episodes (due to the pandemic it will “only” have 20)

November 22: Promo material and synopsis on the CRISIS Crossover

December 8-10: First 3 of 5 episodes of the CRISIS Crossover



!!!!! January 7: Batwoman gets renewed for a 2nd season!

January 14: The last two episodes of the CRISIS Crossover

May 14: The CW announces that season 2 will start in January 2021 and not in the fall as usual (due to the pandemic)

!!!!! May 17: The final episode of season 1 is aired on the CW (+my review)

!!!!! May 19: Lead actress Ruby Rose leaves the Batwoman show + first recasting rumors

June 3Kate Kane will disappear at the beginning of season 2, will be replaced (temporarily?) by a new character

June 10: Caroline Dries said that Kate Kane will actually NOT die, but rather disappear and that that would be one of the mysteries of season 2

!!!!! July 9: The new Batwoman is Javicia Leslie!

September 3: Filming for season 2 has started!

December 10: The season 2 trailer pops up!

December: We get several promo posters for season 2:



January 14: We get the news that there will be no Crossover with Superman & Lois this season, due to Covid would make it impossible to film it with different film crews.

!!!!! January 17: The first episode of season 2 airs! I continue to make my reviews on Mondays after I have watched the new episodes.

!!!!! February 3: Batwoman gets renewed for a 3rd season!

!!!!! March 21: It’s announced that Wallis Day is the new Kate Kane

May 19: Last day of filming (season 2)!

!!!!! June 27: The season 2 finale was aired!

June 28: Jacob (Dougray Scott) is leaving the show after the end of season 2

July 19: Filming started for season 3

!!!!! October 13: The first episode of season 3 will be aired!


….to be continued!