Three masked women rob a bank!

Thanks a lot for this recommendation as well!

Here we have quite a long scene where three fully masked women rob a bank!

And they are quite young… teenagers more or less (even though the actresses were older than that… like mostly).



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Here is the video:

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Well, they really take their disguises seriously… well done!

The two who were in the bank:

Hood, full face mask, gloves, bandana, sunglasses, voice changer

And also clothing that doesn’t tell that they are women. Not sexy, but certainly very wise!

An A+ for effort 😉

Yeah, the security guards were pretty useless, and there were no attempts at unmasking them 🙁

But the three self-unmaskings are well done and nice reveals as you don’t have the slightest clue how they might look like.

The scene happens very early in the movie so even if you have watched the full movie you haven’t seen their faces beforehand.

I also like the scene where the bank woman gets close to the one bank robber and recognizes her by that armband. Nice tension 🙂

Here is the IMDB page of the movie:


A masked female Zorro – Hostages at the bank – Scene 1 – [Blog exlusive][…..and no, it’s NOT the Queen of Swords]

I saw the poster for this TV show some weeks back and started watching it as it made me curious enough.

And damn… I found a gold mine 🙂

The main hero of a show is a guy who becomes Zorro… so far, so normal.

But… there is a woman who thinks that it’s her right/duty to become the next Zorro… instead of the guy.

And she has quite a lot of scenes in mask and costume 🙂


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

Female Zorro at the bank

You can watch and also download the scenes there.

The video was blocked on YouTube in many countries… so I couldn’t post it there … again 🙁

Well, this is only her first scene in mask and costume.

Luckily she has a lot of appearances and there are also some secret identity “issues” 🙂

Also, I like that … as she is often fighting against the male “all good” Zorro…. she is also a villainess.

In comparison to the Queen of Swords her outfit and mask are less sexy but her mask and hat are a much better disguise!

With that mask and hat, she covers her face really well and it fits to being a female version of Zorro.

Ok, the fact that she has that exact black face paint as Zorro and in her “normal” life is pretty…. stupid, but ok… I can ignore that.

I will post more scenes with her in the upcoming weeks.

Here is the IMDB page of the TV show (scene is from episode 2):


What do you think about this scene?

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