Batwoman, season 2, episode 14 “And Justice For All” [Review]

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2 thoughts on “Batwoman, season 2, episode 14 “And Justice For All” [Review]”


    +/- Zombies are overplayed. Would have fit better in a Halloween episode, anyways. The main guy trying to fight off his cravings was pretty amusing, though.

    +/- The jail scene. While I liked the gist of it, I had to scoff when they mocked the car thief. While he may have been acting to cover up his own crime, he wasn’t *wrong*.

    – Thought Mary was too harsh on Jacob at the end. Guy’s lost two wives and two kids, hard to blame him for wanting some happy memories. You’d think she’d have a better understanding of how drugs can affect you given her work.

    – Ocean’s heel turn. Boo…

    – Are there seriously only *four* episodes left?! I can’t see them wrapping up the Kate/Circe storyline that rapidly. I guess she’ll be the next season’s main/major villain?

    Despite some flaws, another good episode. Not too thrilled with a three week hiatus though.

    • – Yeah, but I think Jacob should show Mary much more how he cares about her. Most of the time is occupied with chasing after Beth and Kate. I can understand why he was an easy victim to get addicted, but that clouded his judgement as well.
      – About Ocean: As mentioned in my review I think that he has his special agenda going, and I think that Safiyah is pulling some strings at least. Don’t know if he is really in love with Alice
      – From what I have read I think they actually do wrap up the Circe storyline this season. Question is how Alice or someone else will now restore her memory. But I’m sure that Kate will be herself (more or less) before the season ends.
      I am wondering what her role in season 3 will be?

      Yeah, 3 weeks of waiting is no fun. But I’m glad that we got all 4 final episodes in a row on 4 Sundays in June.


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