Batwoman, season 2, episode 13 “I’ll Give You a Clue” [Review]

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4 thoughts on “Batwoman, season 2, episode 13 “I’ll Give You a Clue” [Review]”

  1. + The quiz show was fun. I’m a fan of the 4th wall break leading into commercials.

    + Kate Kane is back (sort of). Stephanie Brown exists. Does this world have a Barbara Gordon and/or Cassandra Cain? Maybe we can get a whole team of masked Bat Ladies before this series ends…

    – AAAAAAUGUGUHGGHGHA fingernail torture!! No! No no no no no non on ono nononononononnonoon!

    – Sophie’s reveal that she knew Batwoman’s identity was pretty lame.

    – No on a Sophie/Ryan relationship.

    – Similar to Zsasz, they didn’t do much with Cluemaster. Though he’s way less interesting of a villain compared to the former…

    I liked the episode, all-in-all. I don’t mind a Batwoman-less episode every now and then when it builds on other aspects of the show.

    Preview for next week looks interesting. Doesn’t seem to match the description of the synopsis on my satellite’s guide though.

    • – Yep, the quiz show with the Villains trivia was fun indeed.
      – Well, of course, I too hope that Stephanie Brown wasn’t the last female character that is wearing a mask in the comics…..that shows up 😉
      – The torture scene was quite evil. But it was a good demonstration that this show is MUCH darker than LoT for example. And I love that!
      – Yeah, the reveal wasn’t great, but Sophie was forced to make it as they were running out of time.
      – I bet that Sophie and Ryan will become a thing 😉 . Will be interesting to see what happens when they find out that Kate is still alive….

  2. I’m only seeing clips I’m going to get around to watching it I have many questions from seeing parts of it so I am intrigued. I will have more to say when I have finally got around to viewing.

    • Would be interesting to know what you think about it.
      And, if you watch a show from the beginning you are much more invested in the Batwoman scenes as you have a connection to the characters.
      It’s much more fun than just watching certain scenes from a show. I watched the whole “Kularb Gror Petch” series from Thailand (with english subs)….which you can find in my “Hall of Fame”.
      Even the show is extremely soapish….I was far more invested in the masked heroines. And as then the epic unmasking action happens….it’s much more intense 🙂


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