The bad guy… and the masked lady who keeps him tied up in her basement [Blog exclusive]

Thanks a lot for this recommendation as well!

It was recommended a while ago… but since my video edits of this one weren’t welcome on YouTube, it got postponed.

In this one, a masked lady has a guy tied up in her basement and keeps him as a prisoner there!

Quite an unusual scenario…


(click to enlarge)

Here are the videos:

Scene 1 (watch this one FIRST!)

Scene 2

You can watch and also download the scenes there.

Well, I love the tension! How she hides under that mask so that her evil prisoner won’t find out who she is.

It drives me mad that he recognized her eyes and her voice and thereby found out who she is … even with the pretty good mask she used.

She was one of dozens of patients that guy had in the last weeks… so I find it really hard to believe that he would recognize her from her voice and the little of her that he

can see.

If that would work like that most superhero masks would be pretty useless 😉 … even a good disguise like the Batman cowl.

As I watched this movie I really hoped that the bad guy would be able to free himself and then unmask her in a nice struggle.

But he failed big time… 🙁

Nonetheless, I really like this scenario and the tension… as long as he didn’t know who the masked woman was.

Here is the IMDB page of the movie:


What do you think about this scene?

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What could have been: The early Batman movies …and Catwoman spin off movie

Batman Returns is my favorite Batman movie… and you know why 😉

The two Tim Burton Batman movies are really very special to me and I love “Batman & Robin” for one reason as well (starts with “Bat” and ends with “girl”).

I stumbled upon some videos about certain aspects of these early movies and what could have been… if some other decisions would have been made back in the day.

Here is the first one (not my video or upload):


The fact that McDonalds promoted “Batman Returns” with toys in Happy Meals is just hilarious.

The movie is awesome… but definitely not made for kids.

Seemingly WarnerBrothers and McDonalds were surprised by that?!? 😆

Sadly the movie didn’t make as much money as they hoped and the plan with a Catwoman Spin-off movie was never greenlighted.

But we got the Halle Barry Catwoman flick instead… oh my god! 🙁

That is the real tragedy here.

Imagine a movie with Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman as the main character! I might sell my soul for that…

But the quest for toy sales for those damn kids ruined that… and the two toy commercial movies with Schumacher followed.

Even I always will defend “Batman & Robin” as some minutes of Batgirl in that costume just made it so remarkable for me.

And the fact that “Batman Forever” made more money than “Batman Returns”…. is just insane when you compare the quality of the movies.

All the damn kids were allowed to watch “Batman Forever”… the money that “Batman Returns” missed to get.

So, what might have happened if Joel Schumacher had made a third Batman movie?

Verrrry interesting!

A darker movie with that storyline… yeah, would have been interesting to watch for sure, especially with Catwoman appearing again, even if it seemingly would have been just a hallucination.

Scarecrow and Harley as the villains, and hating Bruce Wayne and one hating Batman… yeah, sounds like a good idea!

But yeah, it would have been quite difficult and expensive… to have made that one.

An alternative script for Batman Returns:

Hmh, yeah… these Catwoman scenes could have been awesome as well!

There are basically two Catwoman aspects that I don’t like in “Batman Returns”:

– The fact that she is a secretary who then goes on to have her revenge on her boss (instead of being a master-class thief)

– And that Selina and Bruce learn each other secret identities by re-phrasing that one dialogue that had as Catwoman and Batman.

These two aspects could have been improved for sure with a different script.

But it’s really hard to tell if that script would have made a(n even) better movie.

We will never know…

A villainess …hidden in bandages

Thanks a lot for this recommendation!

This one is certainly a bit unusual… as I read about it at first I wasn’t thrilled, but then I watched the scene … and yeah, it’s pretty great!


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

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Well, that is a great reveal of a villainess! And it’s no other than Gina Gershon (“Bound”)!

The music fits perfectly and Gershon plays it really well as she surprises her former protege who is now a media star.

I will watch the full episode the next days so I don’t know the full backstory… yet.

Looking forward to how the villainess gets caught in the end.

But it clearly seems that Vanessa (Gina Gershon) has some major issues with the famous doctor 😉

It’s quite a brutal kill, even it isn’t shown fully.

And we get a second unmasking as the victim …whose face is surprisingly intact… gets unmasked as well!

Yeah, these bandages aren’t a sexy mask… especially as you expect to see something … more or less…. gross when they come off.

But they provide a great disguise for sure.

Here is the IMDB page of the episode:


What do you think about this scene?

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Dortmund Film- & ComicCon (MovieComicCon) May 2024

So, last Sunday I was in Dortmund (Germany) at the Comic Con… or MovieComicCon as it is now called.

Before the whole Covid thing I was there 4 times already, but the last time was in late 2019… so, it’s been a while.

It was a little smaller than the last time and it was less crowded, maybe because this was “only” the spring edition and the main event in Dortmund is the ComicCon in the winter each year.

Also, I guess that there are more people on Saturday than on Sunday…

I made only a couple of pictures and some mini videos with the phone… I didn’t even start the GoPro, which was a mistake in the end.

All in all, it was a kind of a disappointment for me.

My main reason to go there is to see some good female cosplays of masked characters from DC and Marvel.

And in that regard… there was verrrry little…. at least from what I have seen by spending more than 5 hours there.

Haven’t bought anything in terms of Merch.

Of course, no Black Scorpion was to be found. I guess only very few even know that she exists at all and I have NEVER seen a single picture of a cosplay of her.

Only the original and stuntwomen in the costume at some promo tours. So, that would be kind of the holy grail of cosplay 😆

No Batgirl or Batwoman 🙁

No Catwoman… not even one! At one ComicCon I saw 4 or 5… but not a single one this time.

Kind of weird as there were a few Harley Quinns and female Jokers.

And getting a solid Catwoman costume isn’t difficult or very expensive.

Yeah, some Spider-girls… but only one of them had her mask on at first …and unmasked quickly as I then saw her again without it later on.

There was a nice female “Winter Soldier” with a mask, but sadly got no picture of her.

There were one or two masked female soldiers/mercenaries with a skull-bandana mask… guess out of a video game that I don’t know.

There are so many dressed up as characters from Animes and Manga… which doesn’t interest me at all.

There were two nice Lara Croft cosplays, a Skeletor + evil empress couple, and a fantastic Alf-cosplay (actually a woman).

And in terms of guest stars… it was… just “ok” for me:

Yeah, Richard Dean Anderson… but I’m not a fan of McGyver. Edward Furlong (Terminator 2) was quite interesting and a panel with German voice actors.

And there was Katherine McNamara, who was in mask and costume in “Arrow” and William Fichtner (Prison Break etc.)

Not bad… but there have been more famous/interesting guests in the past.


It would be SOOOO great if there was a ComicCon just with DC and Marvel… but I guess that won’t happen.

That Batgirl movie that was made but not shown…would have helped a LOT to motivate some female cosplayers to be Batgirl at a ComicCon!

Another reason why I hope for some masked women in movies or TV shows in the near future.

Some selected pictures:

(click to enlarge)

Well, the next Comic Con in Dortmund will be in December.

I guess I will give it another try then…. 😉

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