Batwoman, season 2, episode 16 “Rebirth” [Review]

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Check out the detailed review incl. pictures and my Batwoman cuts on Batwoman – Season 2 – Episode 16!

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*EDIT* June 16:

The starting date of season 3 has been announced yesterday!

Batwoman, season 3 will kick off on October 13 (Wednesdays from then on)!

So, the break between season 2 and 3 won’t be very long 🙂


Along with that, the starting dates of more CW shows were announced as well:


2 thoughts on “Batwoman, season 2, episode 16 “Rebirth” [Review]”

  1. LAST WEEK’S EP, since I didn’t post anything:

    Really good episode apart from the opening with Mary and Ryan where I felt there wasn’t enough urgency in either. Mary was going for the Desert Rose, though. But given Ryan’s history with the Crows and her own feelings towards the police, you’d think she show a bit more emotion with Luke being shot by a Crow.

    This week:

    Yeah, I agree that too much in this episode felt rushed. The last two episodes must be pretty major… but this was just a mess.

    ~ “Kate” recognizing Sophie but not Mary makes sense given the history between the three. Kate and Mary weren’t close growing up and it was only after becoming Batwoman that they did, whereas Kate has known Sophie quite intimately dating back further. Also “inner” Kate is a child, possibly from before she even knew Mary.

    + Ocean is gone! (Just couldn’t shut up, could ya, Alice?)

    – Tatiana is gone… This episode felt like such a huge step down for her character. Had she been mindwiped by Enigma?

    – Trained assassin? No problem! *stab* Couple of goons? O noes! *kidnapped*

    ~ Wonder if the Bat-team did anything to the Desert Rose before giving it to Safiyah?

    ~ Not sure what’s going to happen with Jacob. My guess last week was that he might join GCPD and become a Jim Gordon figure for the Bat-team. I suppose that’s still a possibility now that we know Black Mask owns them (for now).

    • Hah, just today I was thinking about your missing comment(s).
      Yeah, Alice shouldn’t have teased Safiyah…but at that time Tatiana was already on her mission.
      Regarding Jacob: I think he will either die a hero’s death by saving one of his daughters in the season final or he will leave Gotham for good to start new somewhere else….even that is a little harder to imagine.


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