Batwoman, season 2, episode 8 “I Survived Much Worse” [Review]

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2 thoughts on “Batwoman, season 2, episode 8 “I Survived Much Worse” [Review]”

  1. – *FINALLY* done with the island (for now anyways). This kinda dragged on for a bit, but we can move on at last.

    – The HALO jump, while funny with its ’66 Batman reference, was really bad. The effects didn’t look good at all.

    – My issue with the fire was the utter ridiculousness of leaving a highly explosive element around the plants. Ok, yeah, it’s fertilizer but COME ON.

    – About halfway through the episode, I started to wonder what would happen with Kate on the island. I had a hunch she might’ve turned evil but we know about my track record when it comes to predictions LOL.

    – Then again, I said I thought Ocean might turn on Alice. I suppose that’s still a possibility… but if he believes Alice is/was trying to *save* Kate, he might forgive her.

    – Julia’s return was too perfectly timed. She shows up just in time to stop one of Safiyah’s assassin’s (who was too easily taken down by Luke and Mary, what kinda assassin is that?!), then drops the bombshell about Kate as we find out later she actually is alive. I smell something fishy…

    – Not one attempt to unmask Batwoman despite numerous chances in this episode. I half expected Ryan to reveal her identity to Sophie when she thought she was finally dying.

    – …just how were Jacob, Sophie and Ryan going to make it back to Gotham in time? Ryan is literally on death’s door at the end, and I can’t imagine that old plane they just happened to find could get them back that quickly. …Maybe they gave Supergirl a ring?

    Otherwise, another great episode, even though I was initially upset when they revealed Kate “was” dead – all this build up for THAT?? I completely and utterly spaced out on the “reveal” at the very end though. It was only when I saw the tweet I posted on the forums that I realized it. I didn’t notice the necklace she was wearing, but I did see the names mentioned in the closed captioning but, again, it didn’t click.

    • – Halo jump: Yeah, that scene doesn’t look really good, you can see that the CGI department needs more money
      – For me it’s ok that the fertilizer was there, as no one finds that island and there shouldn’t be much danger about it being there. But, as I wrote in my review….I found it very strange that Alice could set the whole BIG field on fire like that.
      – Yeah, I thought Safiyah would order her goons to unmask Batwoman, but she wasn’t curious about her secret identity at all. Sophie could have unmasked her as well, but I think she felt sorry for the dying Batwoman and wouldn’t take advantage of the situation. I rather feared that Batwoman would unmask herself at one point as she was giving up. But luckily that didn’t happen. I want it to be a real fight, a real struggle to unmask her, so I am king of glad that there wasn’t an unmasking scene in this one.
      – I think Batwoman mentioned that she might have 3 hours left…or something like that. But after all that were just educated guesses. I wonder if they show in the next episode how they get off the island to reach that plant just in time? Or maybe Luke and Marry meet them halfway to get the Desert Rose to her?
      – I was spoilered (my fault) prior to the episode as I read that Wallis Day would be the new Kate Kane. But even without that, I never bought that Kate was dead anyhow. They won’t do that. At least not like that. If she will die in the series then to save some folks. I was rather surprised that we didn’t really see Wallis Day in the episode due to the bandages. I expected to see her as the big reveal. The reveal was just made by the news, not by the episode itself.


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