The bad guy… and the masked lady who keeps him tied up in her basement [Blog exclusive]

Thanks a lot for this recommendation as well!

It was recommended a while ago… but since my video edits of this one weren’t welcome on YouTube, it got postponed.

In this one, a masked lady has a guy tied up in her basement and keeps him as a prisoner there!

Quite an unusual scenario…


(click to enlarge)

Here are the videos:

Scene 1 (watch this one FIRST!)

Scene 2

You can watch and also download the scenes there.

Well, I love the tension! How she hides under that mask so that her evil prisoner won’t find out who she is.

It drives me mad that he recognized her eyes and her voice and thereby found out who she is … even with the pretty good mask she used.

She was one of dozens of patients that guy had in the last weeks… so I find it really hard to believe that he would recognize her from her voice and the little of her that he

can see.

If that would work like that most superhero masks would be pretty useless 😉 … even a good disguise like the Batman cowl.

As I watched this movie I really hoped that the bad guy would be able to free himself and then unmask her in a nice struggle.

But he failed big time… 🙁

Nonetheless, I really like this scenario and the tension… as long as he didn’t know who the masked woman was.

Here is the IMDB page of the movie:


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Two masked women and an embassy [Blog exclusive]

I was away last Sunday and will be away next Sunday also… so, you get a new post today!

In this one, we have two hot masked women and an embassy!


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:


(the video wasn’t welcome on YouTube as well…. really annoying lately)

Well, the movie is only available in Turkish, so haven’t watched it fully and don’t have a big clue on what is going on exactly.

Ok, there are some German sentences and these I do understand (no surprise) but those don’t help much.

But the scenes with the two masked women are really nice and I also like that we get to see both unmaskings as well, even if it’s only self-unmaskings.

Not a big fan of that net structure part on that Balaclava mask… looks weird.

The other woman has some tactical outfit of the German police… rare to see that on a woman, especially in an international movie/TV show.

Interesting that they all seem to be on the same team, so it looks like they can all escape.

On the other hand, it would have been nice to have the masked “villainess” to fight the masked police woman #unmaskingbattle 😉

You can find the whole movie (or TV episode?) on YouTube (for now).

No more masked women in it, as far as I know.

Search for:

Teşkilat 41 Bölüm

A Merry Christmas to all of you!

Or whatever you do or don’t celebrate… have a good time 🙂

I will make one more post before the year is over.

A villainess in a balaclava mask and a ambulance heist [Blog exclusive]

I have heard that this show has some masked women in it… thanks for the recommendation!

In this scene, a woman in a balaclava mask steals an ambulance to kidnap someone….


(click to enlarge)

Here is the video:

(wasn’t welcome on Youtube at all)

Yeah, sadly very little screen time for our masked woman and she then just gets away.

Also, the very fast editing doesn’t help….

However, I always enjoy scenes like this a lot! A masked villainess in an action scene…. love it!

I always hope that she gets into a hand-to-hand fight with the cops who would then try everything to dramatically unmask her… but that happens very rarely… sadly.

But I enjoy every second with such a masked woman nonetheless.

Wanna know the episode and title of the TV show?


(other sources say it’s ep 13 of season 16… so the name of the episode is the important info)

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2 female, masked bank robbers in 2 scenes

This one was recommended to me quite some time ago, but I had problems getting my hands on the movie.

Thanks to the guy who recommended me this one! Shamefully I can’t find that old email with the search function….so it would be great if the one who recommended this one would contact me again with the date when he sent me that email with the recommendation!

Nowadays I have a much better system to organize such things, but not back then….

This movie is sort of a “must-have” if you like to see masked women!

I could so many more scenes out of that movie as we have 2 women who are masked for the bigger part of the whole movie!

But as I can’t post all these scenes I focused on my 2 favorite scenes.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

…sorry, had to remove it… are too late…


I cut the scenes down to under 4 minutes…and it was blocked immediately on Youtube. I even tried it with just one scene with under 2 minutes….but the same result 🙁

So this will be another video that is only available on this blog and not on my Youtube channel.

Now to the scenes in the video (WATCH the video first!):

She looks very sexy with that mask on her which conceals her face really well.

I really love how close he is to her. With one quick pull, he could unmask her and find out who is hiding under that mask!

But well, that wouldn’t be too good for his health I guess 😉

But if I would be in his position…..I would have a hard time hiding my……excitement.

At first, I was really disappointed that she unmasked herself….but well, her secret identity was gone by that time anyway as the cops had figured out who she is.

This is a far too common trope…. that they figure out way too often who is under a mask without physically unmasking her/him first.

Pretty sure you folks too prefer the masked women to be unmasked by someone yanking off that mask…instead of some research and tech gadgets 😉

But on the good side, we have a nice self unmasking. And it’s not the only one in this movie….so if you wanna see the other ones….you should watch the whole movie!

But of course, you won’t find any scene where someone unmasks one of the female robbers….if such scenes were in the movie….I would of course post them 😉

This is the title of the movie:


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A cat burglar and the waving cat [great heist scene in “Dr. Who”]

Post 1 out of 2 for today!

This one is a great example of perfection and complete failure can be found in just some minutes of a video.

We have a sexy cat burglar who breaks into a museum to steal a very valuable chalice.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

First of all …some bad aspects:
Who created the heist scene?
Museum guards with assault rifles? Isn’t that a BIT much? Why not bazookas too?
A laser system that goes around that chalice, which is open at the top(!?!)….and completely useless/unnecessary IF you have 4(!) guards with assault rifles(!) standing around it.
None of the guards is watching the guarded object! WTF??????
All of the guards are completely deaf! No one hears anything from what is happening one foot behind them (she moves very quietly…but she must make at least some noise)!
No one seems to check the cameras that there are in such a museum! (and would spot her immediately)
And worst of all:
She UNMASKS herself …as she is still in the museum!!!
A very BAD move my dear! (cameras and guards she could run into)

But, on the GOOD side:
She looks great with and without the mask!
The mask fits perfectly and is a perfect disguise as well. It is also greatly secured as the leather jacket “covers” the lower end. Her leather outfit is great. 🙂
I love these flat, over-knee leather boots…realistic AND quite sexy.
It’s good how she is cornered on the streets (even without a mask) and it is so difficult to escape for her.

Now imagine how EPIC this scene would be…..IF (the “Maskripper version” of this scene):
She steals the chalice.
She runs into some guards (while still masked), let’s say three.
They don’t have assault rifles (lol) …they have batons.
She puts her great martial arts skills to good use and delivers a real battle even against all three of them.
She kicks them, uses leg scissors, punches, throws.
They get more and more angry and embarrassed that one woman seems to be able to fight against all 3 of them.
They start to coordinate the attacks better.
Two grab her arms and fixate her.
The third: “Let’s see how this feisty one looks underneath her mask”
He reaches for her mask, stretching it, playing with it slowly, enjoying it.
The cameras zooms in on her face. The desperation in her eyes. She grunts and moans, trying to break free.
Her mask is getting loose slowly.
“NO! STOP that!…..NO!”. She is on the brink of panic.
Finally, she manages to kick the guard who is still playing with her mask, he falls on his back.
She struggles hard to break free from the other two. One of them is reaching for her mask. Touching the fabric. (slow-motion).
In that moment she kicks the other one off her side.
Immediately she uses her free hand to grab into her mask, stopping the unmasking. She kicks him too.
All three attack her, she dodges around and the battle continues.
2 are down by now.
The last guard grabs her from behind, pulling her very close.
“You fought very well, but I won’t let you escape. …. especially not with your mask on!”
He starts to yank on her mask as she hits him right in the face with her back head. He falls on his back with a bloody nose.
“I rather keep it on!”
More guards are closing in.
The camera zooms in on her sexy boots as she runs away.

*EDIT* February 2024:

Here is a “Making Of” video with some interesting scenes that was recommended to me:

Wanna know from which episode of this TV show this was taken? Here is the link:


What do you think of that scene?

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The asian beauty and her ski/balaclava mask

Ok, I must admit, this video has really annoying screen texts on it, haven’t found a better one.

A user named FDS recommended me that one at the end of last year. I hesitated a little to post it here because of that texting, but there is a beautiful woman who wears a mask, so…

I edited the clip in a way that it starts, where she already has put her mask on. It’s much cooler not to see her face before the unmasking.


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Wow, that “acting”…that music 😯  😀

That must be some sort of sopa-opera 😉

The title of the video is something like this:

HATI YANG MEMILIH Clara Gagal Mencelakai Putri Karena Putri Melawan

My guess is the “HATI YANG MEMILIH” is the name of the shows, and the rest are the actors.

A solid mask and a nice unmasking. Good that she tries to stop the unmasking. The struggle should have been a little longer though.