The bad guy… and the masked lady who keeps him tied up in her basement [Blog exclusive]

Thanks a lot for this recommendation as well!

It was recommended a while ago… but since my video edits of this one weren’t welcome on YouTube, it got postponed.

In this one, a masked lady has a guy tied up in her basement and keeps him as a prisoner there!

Quite an unusual scenario…


(click to enlarge)

Here are the videos:

Scene 1 (watch this one FIRST!)

Scene 2

You can watch and also download the scenes there.

Well, I love the tension! How she hides under that mask so that her evil prisoner won’t find out who she is.

It drives me mad that he recognized her eyes and her voice and thereby found out who she is … even with the pretty good mask she used.

She was one of dozens of patients that guy had in the last weeks… so I find it really hard to believe that he would recognize her from her voice and the little of her that he

can see.

If that would work like that most superhero masks would be pretty useless 😉 … even a good disguise like the Batman cowl.

As I watched this movie I really hoped that the bad guy would be able to free himself and then unmask her in a nice struggle.

But he failed big time… 🙁

Nonetheless, I really like this scenario and the tension… as long as he didn’t know who the masked woman was.

Here is the IMDB page of the movie:


What do you think about this scene?

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