Three masked women rob a bank!

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Here we have quite a long scene where three fully masked women rob a bank!

And they are quite young… teenagers more or less (even though the actresses were older than that… like mostly).



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Here is the video:

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Well, they really take their disguises seriously… well done!

The two who were in the bank:

Hood, full face mask, gloves, bandana, sunglasses, voice changer

And also clothing that doesn’t tell that they are women. Not sexy, but certainly very wise!

An A+ for effort 😉

Yeah, the security guards were pretty useless, and there were no attempts at unmasking them 🙁

But the three self-unmaskings are well done and nice reveals as you don’t have the slightest clue how they might look like.

The scene happens very early in the movie so even if you have watched the full movie you haven’t seen their faces beforehand.

I also like the scene where the bank woman gets close to the one bank robber and recognizes her by that armband. Nice tension 🙂

Here is the IMDB page of the movie:


Masks off! #3 – Spider-woman unmasked!

A new episode of “Masks off!”. This time it’s Spider-woman who sneaks into a store….

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…and gets caught! The detective reaches for her mask….

spider_woman- v01-01 (1978) 08
Spider-woman unmasked by a cop

and unmasks the intruder! Spider-woman has to run…

A really good unmasking…

Comic: Spider-woman 01 (1978)