The masked heroine and the home invasion – part 1

And here is another fine video for you folks!

In this one a masked babe wants to stop an evil villain. But he surprises her big time…

(click to enlarge)

And here is video:




More parts to come if you like!




10 thoughts on “The masked heroine and the home invasion – part 1”

  1. I’m pretty sure this was New Phoenix Filmwork’s last effort, wasn’t it?

    Towards the end, their productions became ever more disjointed and bizarre. It’s as though many random scenes were shot and all glued together to make something ‘feature length’.

    Some of their mod to late 2000’s stuff was great though. The brunette Retrogirl was near perfection in looks and costume 😀

    • Of course there is a part 2 AND an unmasking 😉
      Don’t know exactly when it will hit the site but it will in the next weeks

    • If I would make them…they would be better 😆
      No, seriously, I am not a producer due to lack of money and no experience at all in filmmaking.
      This one is at least 10 years old, don’t know where I found it.

  2. Yes it’s definitely a Powercat video from the old New Phoenix Filmworks which did Retrogirl, Bikini Woman, Black Talon, Action Girl and others. Movies were well done for their time, kind of dark but not violent. Definitely one of the companies that established the superheroine fetish niche. Run by a guy named Andy Rodriguez, I think? But long gone. Here’s a geocities cache of what the characters looked like: Btw, welcome back to SHF, maskripper!

    • Yeah, it has a greaty unmasking attempts. And sexy outfits. Even it was difficult to know who is under what mask.
      But I guess that’s a nice mystery element!


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