Harley Quinn UNMASKED! [Gotham]

In the Gotham episode that was shown last week a masked woman is introduced! A masked woman with three short scenes. And in one she fights against Gordon!

And the chances are very high that this masked girl is/will become Harley Quinn! The villainess that is madly in love with the Joker.

And during the fight Gordon wants to find out who is hiding under that mask 🙂


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And here is the video:

A very cool scene!

I like the fact that Gordon really goes for her mask at the moment he gets the chance! I hate it when these opportunities won’t be used. Like in the Black Scorpion TV-series. Some villains just walked away after knocking out Black Scorpion….

But you don’t need a mask (unmasking) fetish like us to wanna see the face behind a mask. So Gordon unmasks her…

Ok, she is knocked out during the unmasking, always a minus for me. And the mask is going off to easy…it seems that she only used some sort of glue to stick the mask to her face.

But what I really like is the fact that she is still somehow a little “masked” with that Harley-hood which is still in place. Ok he sees her face completely, but not her hair.

He recognises her but the viewer still haven’t seen her full head.

That is revealed in a later scene….

In case you wanna know the episode in which this scene is:


Your opinion on this scene?

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Some stuff from nice followers of this blog… (extra post)

Hey folks, in the last days I received two nice and interesting mails. Thanks a lot! And I wanna share some of the content with you. One member mailed me some links to some fine “mask-related” pictures. Thanks “Damask Dan”! Some of these pictures will show up in future posts, so that everyone can see them 🙂

And the other mail was about a trailer for an upcoming EP. How this trailer fits in here? Well, to be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure myself. But, I guess it should be interesting for most of you. It’s about Harley Quinn. To be precise….about  a very “evil” version of her. But, see for yourself:

For more info check out this website

I like the dark, sadistic version of her. An interesting variation…

Would love to see more of it 😉

And thanks for all the mails from you folks in the past!

Interesting material is always welcome 😉

Batgirl: Spoiled (Webseries)

Hey folks! Today I wanna introduce you to very promising (fan-made) webseries. It’s called Batgirl: Spoiled

Official description:

Stephanie Brown has never lead a charmed life. But as a part of
Gotham’s famed ‘Bat Family’, she has thwarted themed evil-doers and
become extremely skilled in her trade. Her world now is one of
adrenaline and danger, duty and honor. She has been striving her
whole life to get here, but is this really what she wants?

Until now the first two episodes were published via Youtube. More episodes are yet to come with the help of a little Kickstarter campaign. In my opinion it’s really a well made Batgirl series! Especially if you know that these guys financed it completely on their own until now….great work 🙂

But enough…..here are the first 2 episodes:

More infos: