Some stuff from nice followers of this blog… (extra post)

Hey folks, in the last days I received two nice and interesting mails. Thanks a lot! And I wanna share some of the content with you. One member mailed me some links to some fine “mask-related” pictures. Thanks “Damask Dan”! Some of these pictures will show up in future posts, so that everyone can see them 🙂

And the other mail was about a trailer for an upcoming EP. How this trailer fits in here? Well, to be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure myself. But, I guess it should be interesting for most of you. It’s about Harley Quinn. To be precise….about  a very “evil” version of her. But, see for yourself:

For more info check out this website

I like the dark, sadistic version of her. An interesting variation…

Would love to see more of it 😉

And thanks for all the mails from you folks in the past!

Interesting material is always welcome 😉

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