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[last updated: May 25th, after the final episode 20 of season 1]

[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue!]

[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue!]

[SPOILERS ahead, I recommend that you watch the episode before you continue!]


On this page I wanna present the Villains and Villainesses of the Batwoman show!

I will try to update this after every episode.

Batwoman’s Villains and Villainesses

– listed after their first appearance in the show

– rating maybe changing with future episodes




(played by Rachel Skarsten)

In ALL episodes since ep1 (except Crisis Crossover episode 9)

Status: Alive and mad

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Background/my opinion:

The equally mad and great main villainess of season 1 (at least)! She always surprises as no one can really predict what she will do next and what her big plan is in the end (just revenge?).

Rachel Skarsten does a fantastic job in bringing Alice to life. Her tragic backstory makes the audience feel for her….until she murders again.

As the long lost sister she is a special treat to Kate/Batwoman.

Especially since she knows Batwoman’s secret identity since episode 2. That knowledge is a BIG threat as she could use it anytime to destroy Batwoman’s crime fighting carreer. And she could always use this as a last straw if Batwoman corners her.


My rating (so far – pending):

4,5 out of 5 — A great (main) villainess! Will be hard to top that in the future….


Chuck Dodgson

(played by Brendon Zub)

Episodes: 1+2, 4+5, 12 (season 1) + ?

Status: In prison

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Background/my opinion:

Did have only small appearances so far. Introduced as a Crow member, he soon betrayed them. Even he kissed Alice in episode 1, she seemingly doesn’t care about him that much.

Batwoman took him prisoner and right now he is imprisoned in Arkham were he nearly killed Jacob. Unclear if he will appear again….

He could become dangerous to Batwoman/Kate since he learned about her secret identity from Alice……if he ever comes out of prison.

My rating (so far – pending):

2,5 out of 5 – pretty “flat” standard goon, only his knowledge of Batwoman’s secret identity still makes him interesting for me


Tommy Elliot/Hush

(played by Gabriel Mann —– and by Warren Christie as Bruce Wayne)

Episodes: 3,17-20

Status: Masked as Bruce Wayne!

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Background/my opinion:

Was introduced as a rival to Bruce Wayne who know Batman’s secret identity. As Batwoman appeared in the city he quickly shows up as all still think that BatMAN has returned. He wants his revenge on Batman and gets the first villain who see Batwoman in her new costume incl. the red wig and new cowl.

I do like his backstory and he was a good choice as he is a villain from the Batman comics. The city thinks that Batman has returned…..after the episode everyone knows that now BatWOMAN is in town!

He gets his hands on a high tech gun that actually could penetrate Batwoman’s suit.

Episode 17: Showed up in episode 17 again as prisoner in arkham. Might break out and be a danger again for Batwoman/Kate.

Episode 18: Alice removed Tommy’s face, now he was transformed into Hush the classic bandages

Episode 20: Alice made him a new face which looks exactly like Bruce Wayne’s


My rating:

4 out of 5 – Made an interesting devolopment throughout the season. From Playboy Tommy to crazy villain Hush. And now he looks like Bruce Wayne! Will be interesting to see how long he can fool Kate and her team. Until he gets exposded he will be a dangerous threat!



(played by Rachel Matthews)

Episode: 4,17 (prisoner in arkham), 18

Status: On the loose, ready to strike again

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Background/my opinion:

Introduced as a jewel thief and the first villain that Batwoman has to catch after the city learned that there is a new bat in town!

Well, I love Catwoman so I really liked Magpie as a villainess. She managed to escape Batwoman after their first encounter. Her last moments were disapointing for me. First Batwoman uses her grapple gun to pull her down from a building in the distance, she falls down from quite some height into a shallow fountain without a scratch. And then she gets unmasked by the crows off screen. But she did look great in that leather suit as she was arrested.

Episode 17: Showed up as prisoner in arkham. Might break out and be a danger again for Batwoman/Kate.

Episode 18: Alice freed her from Arkham. She steals the jounal of Lucious Fox, but looses it to Batwoman. She retrieves it with the help of her sister Reagan, who steals it from Kate!

Right now she is free and hopefully planning her next heists. 😉

My rating:

 4 out of 5 -My favorite type of villainess, could have used more screentime and a better “departure”




(played by Sam Littlefield ….and Nicholas Holmes (kid-version))

Episodes: 5-7, 10-12, 14, 16-20

Status: Dead

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Background/my opinion:

His ability to perfectly imitate voices is pretty cool. Also with his different faces he’s a rather sneaky character that can easily show up right in front of you without you even noticing it. So far he doesn’t seem to have a plan of this own other then to help Alice with her revenge plans.

He is also a great danger to Batwoman since he found out about her secret identity as he tricked Alice into giving him that information. He wants Alice for himself and gets jealous of Kate/Batwoman. That could become a real problem for Batwoman!

Episode 16: Right now in Arkham with Alice, but already in a position of power, may break out soon

Episodes 16-19: Quickly killed of the leading doctor in Arkham and took his position with a his face. Broke out of Arkham with Alice.

Episode 20: Hiding with Alice in the sewers. Alice kills him with poison after he declared he would leave her.

My rating:

3,5 out of 5 — A tragic backstory as Alice, but with (seemingly) no real own agenda. His abilities and his knowledge of her secret identity make him very dangerous to Batwoman though.

The last episodes made him a little more symphatic. He was happy in Arkham and was angry at Alice that they had to leave.

Gets a fitting end as the only person he cares about him poisons him…..



August Cartwright

(played by John Emmet Tracy)

(….and by Sebastian Roché, when wearing the …face… of Dr. Ethan Campbell)

Episodes: 5, 11- 15

Status: DEAD

(…but could show up in more flashbacks)

(click to enlarge)

Background/my opinion:

The father of Mouse was the one who found the young Beth and imprisoned her in the basement of his house. Wanted to find a way to create a new face for his disfigured son.

Has killed the new Beth in the present, who appeared after the Crisis Crossover, as he wanted to get rid of Alice to “protect” his son from her influence.

Is now treating his own son with fear toxin. Right now, it’s hard to tell what his final plans are….


My rating (pending):

4 out of 5 – A really evil and sinister character! Looking forward to see more of his background and of his final plans for Mouse and Alice (and others?)



(played by Jim Pirri )

Episode: 6

Status: Dead (shot by Jacob)

(click to enlarge)

Background/my opinion:

Took the law in his own hands to murder corrupt judges who sentenced innocent people to death. Quite a view with his massive axe and the executioner hood.

Batwoman had serious problems with him and was lucky twice as he managed to “run her over” but didn’t used the situation to his advantage as she was only barely concious.

Was then killed by Jacob as he had seemingly the upper hand against Batwoman.


My rating:

3 out of 5 — Solid villain of the week with nice gadgets



The Rifle

(played by Garfield Wilson )

Episode: 7

Status: Alive (and not in Gotham anymore)

(click to enlarge)

Background/my opinion:

Ok, that was only a small role, but he was important to the storyline. Was on a mission to kill all important scientiest who were involved with creating the railgun that could puncture Batwoman’s suit. As he tried to kill Batwoman with it, it didn’t worked as Alice had sabotaged the gun. And it wasn’t even the real Batwoman he hit, as Julia Pennyworth was wearing the costume to convince Sophie that Kate isn’t actually Batwoman.

My rating:


2 out of 5 – Random sniper villain with not much screentime and depth



No new villain in ep8

Ep9 was in the Crisis Crossover, which is an extra story for me


Parker Torres

(started as a villainess, now an ally if needed)

(played by Malia Pyles)

Episode: 10+19 in season 1 (+?)

Status: ready to help out Batwoman again

(click to enlarge)

Background/my opinion:

Started as a villainess by blackmailing money from Gotham through her hacking skills. Wanted to escape from her family as she was outed as a lesbian. Was then used by Alice to expose Batwoman’s secret identity as Alice was about to kill her. Batwoman was forced to unmask herself to prevent that, so Parker learned that she is Kate Kane. Parker decided to save Batwoman’s secret identity and fooled Alice who thought she had send the exposing text message to all of Gotham.

At the end of the episode she had a conversation with Kate who managed to negotiate that she had only to return the blackmailed money and fullfill social hours.

She knows who Batwoman is and has great hacker skills, so she could be an interesting ally for Batwoman in the future….

Episode 19: Hush tries to kidnap Parker, Batwoman prevents that. Helped out in the batcave as Luke wasn’t there. Great lines from Mary towards her….

My rating:

3,5 out of 5 – An interesting background story and interesting development. Perhaps we see her again as an ally of Batwoman.


No new villain in episode 11

No new villain in episode 12



(played by Kayla Ewell)

Episode: 13

Status: In prison

(click to enlarge)

Background/my opinion:

A vampire that is much less supernatural than expected. Actually she has “just” woman with a disease and thereby she needs a lot of fresh blood. And her fangs are just implanted, special teeth.

I really like the sexy atmosphere when she comes in play. And Batwoman is soon into some serious problems as she gets bitten, paralyzed and tied up. Only the approaching Crows stopping her from draining Batwoman.

In the end Batwoman gets the upper hand with some UV light in a short fight in a bell tower.


My rating:

4 out of 5 – I really like vampires! And Nocturna really got Batwoman into serious trouble. I hope she returns at some point. She could have got more screentime for my taste.


Duela Dent

(played by Alessandra Torresani)

Episode: 14

Status: Prison/Hospital

(click to enlarge)

Background/my opinion:

In the TV show she is introduced as the niece of Harvey Dent (Two Face). In the comics that character seemingly calls herself Joker’s daughter. Well, I stick to the storyline from the TV show.

Here she stalks social media influencers and wants to make them as disfigured as she made herself years ago. She has only one short “meeting” with Batwoman where she wounds her own mother. In the end Sophie defeats her and Alice steals her ….face….to shock her old tormentor August Cartwright.

My rating:

3 out of 5 – A pretty scary villainess with…quite some problems. No challenge for Batwoman though as she is “only” ….a crazy woman with a boxcutter.

I wonder if she will show up again in the future.

No new villain in episode 15

No new villain in episode 16


Agent Miguel Robles

(played by Nathan Witte)

Episode: 17

Status: in prison

Background/my opinion:

Took the role of an old villain whose bombs terrorized Gotham 10 years ago. Tried to kill everyone who was connected to the murder of Lucius Fox.

Batwoman took him down in the end.


My rating:

2 out of 5 – A replaceable villain without interesting backstory or abilities


Johnny Sabatino 

(played by Carmine Giovinazzo)

Episode: 18

Status: most likely in prison

Background/my opinion:

Mobster that looks after the journal from Lucius Fox. Captures Batwoman after she runs into his trap. Wants then to sell Batwoman to the highest bidder.

But after Mary frees Batwoman who gets into a fight with Batwoman….with no good ending for him.

My rating:

3 out of 5 – A pretty charismatic mobster who manages to capture Batwoman. No real background though.


No new villain in episode 19


Tim ‘The Titan’ Teslow

(played by Terrence Terrell)

Episode: 20

Status: Dead (killed by the Crows)

Background/my opinion:

Escaped from Arkham and wants to kill off all who were involved in experimenting on him. Actually defeats Batwoman in their first fight! Gets into another fight with her and has the upper hand until Batwoman starts to convince him to stop his killing spree. Seems sucessfull but he gets killed by the trigger happy Crows.


My rating: 

3,5 out of 5 – Nice backstory and he really challanges Batwoman and Kate! With his machetes a very strong enemy in close combat.



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