Black Scorpion TV show – The best scenes from the best episodes – [Episode 19]

Ok, it is time to have another post about the legendary Black Scorpion TV show!

Now all my 3 favorite episodes are covered here.

This one is about the most famous unmasking that happened in the show.

If you don’t know it, I really envy you!

The show is in my Hall of Fame and if you are into masked women, this TV show is an absolute MUST have!

Today, it’s all about episode 19….with “biggest” unmasking!

And being embedded in a TV show it’s really very suspenseful as you know these characters for some time already.

Normally I post the pictures before the video, but this time I wanna do it differently as the pictures give away every great scene of this video.


For those who do not know the episode, I recommend strongly watching the video first (Google Drive link) …and then… scroll down further!

>>> Link <<<

(The video combines the best Black Scorpion scenes of the episode….not all (that would be around 14 minutes in total))












(click to enlarge)

I love the first scene with Black Scorpion and Steve as she kisses him but he calls out for his partner Darcy.

Darcy shows up and he mentions that he never saw Darcy and Black Scorpion at the same time…..well, he never got closer to solving that “mystery” 😉

Ok, I am not the biggest fan of unmasking tied-up heroines, but at least better than unconscious ones.

All in all, this is one of the very best unmaskings ever done!

It isn’t the first time in the season that Black Scorpion gets unmasked…but the only time someone finds out who she is! And to make it so much worse for her: He is also is exposing her to the whole world by taking that picture of her unmasked face and selling it to the press. Flashpoint totally ruins her secret identity and the police are chasing after her, especially Steve who is …quite….furious that Black Scorpion is actually Darcy, his partner!

I also like that this is a double unmasking as he first rips of her eye protection (against his laser thingy) and thereby can see her eyes.

The whole build-up is great as they talk about what he would gain from unmasking her.

Also, I love how he is teasing her as he even pretends to attack her. You can clearly see how afraid she is of what is about to happen. She knows exactly that she is finished once he rips her mask and wig off and thereby revealing Darcy Walker!

The final unmasking itself is a little flawed for me for two reasons:

  1. There is the fade to black and then the scene goes on (commercial break)
  2. They show his hand on her mask, then cut to him, then he already is pulling her mask and wig away. This was most likely done to be able to remove her black face paint around her eyes…and show her exposed face without it. Rather unrealistic…. but yeah, she would look a little weird with that “panda” eyes.

But her reaction is done so well! She is angry and frustrated and he enjoys his victory over her…verrry much. Especially interesting after he missed several chances in episode 3 to get a picture of her unmasked face.

The episode then takes the fantasy route as there is a clone of Darcy, so she can convince everyone that is (seemingly) isn’t Black Scorpion after all. But yeah, it’s very hard to think of a realistic approach to all of this, unless she would have a twin sister or someone who would convincingly be Black Scorpion and Darcy would show up next to her (like in season 1 of Batwoman with Julia as Batwoman for one episode).

This also is another good example of how much such a scene gets better if you are really invested in the characters. If you have seen all 18 episodes before, you are really invested in Black Scorpion. You know her very well by now and you also know Flashpoint and his plans from episode 3.

This makes the unmasking so much more impactful than it would be in 99,9% of the fetish videos for me.

That is why I am sooo interested in TV shows with masked women like Black Scorpion, Batwoman, Stargirl, and the Queen of Swords.

And hopefully, there will be more new shows in the future!


What I would give for a Blu-ray release of this show or an HD TV airing!

What do you think about this episode and these scenes?

Feel welcome to leave a comment!

2 thoughts on “Black Scorpion TV show – The best scenes from the best episodes – [Episode 19]”

  1. Great review! I’ve been thinking of doing a deep dive into this episode, myself. You’re absolutely right: it’s the backstory that makes this one so delicious. I mean, the images of poor Darcy wincing and struggling are fantastic on their own. But they’re taken to a new level by the lead-up to the event. We’ve already seen a whole episode of Flashpoint trying to unmask the Black Scorpion, episode 3, “Blinded by the Light.” He failed that time, but learned from his failures… Hence his perfect trap here.

    I could talk about this scene forever. One small element that really drives me silly with glee is the reactions of Flashpoint’s beautiful, buxom partner, Vision. She’s the perfect contrast to Darcy– flighty and ditzy, but with a figure that probably even Black Scorpion envies– and I love the way she relishes the superheroine’s unmasking, even going so far as to put the mask ON HER FACE and taunt her!

    • Welcome to the blog Zilch and thanks for the comment!
      Well actually, his partner did successfully unmask her, but Black Scorpion could stop him from taking the picture.
      …And ok, she also covered her face…so I guess the picture wouldn’t have shown much anyway.
      But yeah, as you said he learned from his mistakes, and this time she was chained up (rather loosely).
      For me, it would be a little better if he just knocked her out and chained her up, instead of “beaming” her body into some chains (quite odd).
      In my version, he would have perhaps 2 sexy female partners. Both attack her and after some struggle manage to control Black Scorpion’s arms as they hold onto one each.
      Then Flashpoint comes closer and rips the eye mask off, then he reaches for her mask and starts toying with it.
      Some mask/secret identity talks while Black Scorpions struggles hard to shake his hand off her mask.
      But he is relentless and slowly but surely yanks her mask and wig away from her and exposes Darcy’s face. 😉


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