Batgirl unmasked…again?!

In the past we had some good “unmasking action”-scenes regarding my top heroine Batgirl. In Batgirl 26 Barbara unmasked herself before her father.

In  The Movement 09 we got the hope of seeing Batgirl unmasked in “The Movement” 10 (still in the future).  And now I found this future Batgirl cover:


Here you can see the cover in full size AND the smashing description that fuels my excitement :

LINK: Batgirl unmasked…again?! – The cover + description

Very promising stuff!! But nearly 3 months until it will be published….NOOO!

Your opinion?

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  1. This series always seems to have nice cover art even if the actual book isn’t so hot. I lolled at the survelliance shot of her chest in the back left hand area of the pic. Someone had their priorities in check! 😛

  2. So what do you think it means? Best case scenario, the gang tie her up, take her back to their lair, take off her mask, photograph her and then blackmail her into doing something for them (i.e leverage)

    Any other theories?

    (I realistically know we’ll be disappointed 🙂

    • Yeah, that would be the a good scenario. My fear is that they tie her up, but she can free herself before they make the attempt to unmask her.
      My hope is that they actually try to unmask her, damage the mask but she can fight back before she is unmasked. I think they can’t let Batgirl be unmasked by some little …”girls”.
      In 9 days we will know more…And don’t worry, I’ll make a post with it 😉

      By the way: You commented to the “wrong” post.

    • They’re not going to unmask her. She’ll have some countermeasures in her cowl like a taser or knockout gas that will also wake her up and let her talk them down into teaming up instead of them actually taking off the hood.

      Now if this was Stephanie she’d have probably been unmasked already but someone would make a joke about having no idea who she is.


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