Season 1 of BATWOMAN is………..ORDERED!!!

As I woke up one hour ago, checking a certain site as every morning…my pulse was accelerated through the roof.
Right now, I am so HAPPY, sooooo HAPPY!!!!!
So far, it seemed most likely that they would order season 1 after the pilot was filmed in march…but hey, I’m very superstitious when it comes to possible great news.
But now, all doubts are gone, as it is official:

Batwoman – Season 1 …is officially ordered!

A short teaser surfaced to confirm it:

We will get a TV SERIES with a MASKED HEROINE in the MAIN role!!!

And easy to say after only 2 TV series so far (Queen of Swords and Black Scorpion) this is clearly the first one with a “real” budget so far.

And these series are both around 20 years old. It was about damn time!

(And hopefully it will be the first one(!) who will get …a second season)

And the chances for more masked women (villainesses and heroines) are ….very high/near certain!!!
Did some say Batgirl, Catwoman, Huntress? 😉

Some images, mostly from the Elseworlds crossover event from december:

More details like:

– how many episodes?

– when does the series start exactly?

–  storyline?

…will be released next week (around May 16) as the CW presents their shows for the next tv season (fall)!

Later this day I will celebrate this news with expensive burgers and something special to drink. 😉

May 8th, 2019 ….. a day to remember.

(((or May 7th, if you take U.S. time)))

What do you think about this news?

Let us know in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “Season 1 of BATWOMAN is………..ORDERED!!!”

    • Thanks for the link! Just saw the trailer yesterday.
      Interesting mask-combo. Hood+half mask+face paint(?)…..She really wants to hide her face 🙂
      But I guess she is only one of many characters in that show, and not the/a leading role.
      Batwoman is the leading role in her own TV-show, she is THE leading character. That’s what I meant.
      And to my knowing it is only the third show with a masked heroine in the leading role.

  1. Yeah I love masks that cover the lower half of the face, and full face masks which sit tightly. From what I know Regina is probably the main protagonist of the story in HBO’s Watchmen. Then again HBO is very tightlipped about the show and they won’t reveal much till Autumn.


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